A Love Song Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness

A Love Song

Rating: 4.9

Come climb the sleeping mountain my darling,
Come stray through the guarding trees with me;
For I long for the nature’s solemn song
And the singing birds of the green forest.

Come watch the waving leaves my beloved,
Come hear the enchanting music they make;
As they softly swing with the gentle wind
Like the singing birds dancing in the air.

Come walk to the mountain’s peak my darling,
Come envision the halcyon place with me;
Beneath the moonlight we'll make our haven
Like the singing birds nestle in the tree.

Come lie down and look at the sparkling sky,
Come cuddle me with your sweet promises;
Till my last breath I’ll hold on to your love
With the singing birds in the green forest.

27th August 2008


so beautiful thanks for sharing 10

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Chris Vanbrusselen 31 August 2008

i like this poem very much Joan.According to your explanations i don't know where you get it.You must have a very strong feeling or imagination for love and understanding.A kind of very kind psychology you don't know you just have.However you do it you do it! kiss.Chris.

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Ency Bearis 01 September 2008

amazing love song..i feel like swinging in the hammock..with caress of lovely fairies, singing..very nice... Best Regards, Ency Bearis

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Chris Mendros 01 September 2008

Nice invite, with beautiful evocative imagery that suggest Divine inspiration.

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Costa Anakiev 03 September 2008

i know chocolate helps everyone to create; you proves it

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Elias Galvez 14 January 2010

it's simply beautifull. please keep writing

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Obed Souza 20 July 2009

Lovely poem! Nice reading.

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Ted M 06 July 2009

A loving invite to that special person with very interesting choice of words.

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Afzal Shauq 24 June 2009

its rich and melodious but more then song ebven and what you expressed here is meaningful..multiple meanings are coming out from it.. the combination of words is enough catchy, heart feeling and impressive.. what i like in this poem is a promtion of struggle and courage... liked it.. and you deserve to be called good poetess of children and young generation as well.. pray for your long and happy life..just go on..future is yours...10++++++++++++

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Carl Harris 05 January 2009

This is a very well expressed, written, and beguiling love poem, Jazlle. I liked your phrasing in it very much, as well as your use of singing birds as a metaphor for love that repeated in the final line of each verse. It's quite an accomplished write! Carl.

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