Farewell Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness


Rating: 4.4

The love that emerges from the gloomy land
and rises out of a sea of chimera is gone
The boat of love is now ready to sail
away from the isle of illusion
The sail will catch the wind,
propel and maneuver the boat
It will take time to find the island of hope
and in this voyage the boat will face circumstances
nights and days, rain or shine
even storms and tidal waves
but the boat of love will continue its journey
until it reaches the shore of a new beginning…

3rd of July 2008

Sarwar Chowdhury 06 July 2008

'The boat of love ', 'isle of illusion', 'rain or shine', 'shore of new beginning…' are really nice! thoughtfull composition!

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Ravi Sathasivam 06 July 2008

' Your love boat is sailing well'. Beautiful Poem Thanks for sharing. Ravi

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Dr.subhendu Kar 06 July 2008

but the boat of love will continue its journey until it reach the shore of new beginning..................... jurney when trudged upon love slithers across the blue passion raves up by the bliss life yet seems to be braced up azure...............love when wishful by the hope of tomorrow, belief happens to grow by the trust., wonderful imagery of love when glimmers by the dream drifting ashore, wellpenned,10+, thanks for sharing.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 07 July 2008

A new path way is found in the sea of love

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Peter S. Quinn 07 July 2008

A day is always in farewell That emerges from the rising In misty of its own spell And hours of true disguising To catch a boat that then sails You'll need to know of land Many are the shores and trails To come there to understand Each voyage takes you on a trip Of perceptive and discovering Don't let a chance from you slip For its aims are in the uncovering As every distance is an illusion For tidal waves to move and slope And give you some of its confusion So hold securely on to your rope Each day may be of rain or shine Or circumstances chimera done Just hold on to your kind of line And every battle may well be won There is a saying in new beginning That everything's standstill or old You only need your ways of winning And to that endeavor always hold

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but the boat of love will continue its journey until it reaches the shore of a new beginning…...... good begining with conceived thought.... i loved it full. good write and deserved full 10+++++ read mine: 'never say bye' and yes to to'

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Ashraful Musaddeq 29 August 2008

Let the boat of love reaches the shore against all troubles. A nice piece with a positive approach.

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 18 July 2008

This is another beautiful piece of poetry. I enjoyed. Keep it up! ! ! Thanks sharing with us. Regards, Kolitha

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C. P. Sharma 13 July 2008

A great poem in terms of art and thought. It takes me back to Yeats: 'And therefore I have sailed the seas and come To the holy city of Byzantium.'

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Dee Daffodil 10 July 2008

Joan...This one is very good! I have sailed before, and your poem draws similarities between love and a journey very nicely. Well done! Hugs, Dee

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