Angels Of Mine Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness

Angels Of Mine

Rating: 4.7

This poem is lovingly dedicated to my priceless treasures; Jazzper and Jiselle Luene.

After two years of absence
I can no longer wait
to see them running while screaming my name
I can now imagine
the taste… the feelings
when these angels come near
to offer the warm hugs of their tiny hands
I can never forget
the precious moments
of their sweet lips that kissed my lips
so tender… so sincere
and now that I am coming
my heart is so eager
to feel their embrace and kisses
that will wash away my tears…

5th July 2008

Ency Bearis 07 July 2008

a nice poem i think for your kids...if i am not mistaken

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Wintersweet Guo 07 July 2008

Sounds sweet! Treasure your angels!

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Ravi Sathasivam 07 July 2008

Sounds great. A nice poem. Thanks for sharing with me Ravi

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Rajaram Ramachandran 07 July 2008

A long time separation incrases the bondage.

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Ivor Hogg 07 July 2008

I can feel the longing in your words Sincerity oozes from every word. But presented in free form prose. Not my favourite style ivor

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Eyan Desir 05 November 2009

Good write my friend

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Aiswarya. T.anish 31 December 2008

Beautiful poem. I love it. Keep writing.

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Anjali Sinha 11 July 2008

Priceless. Mothers love indeed

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Dawn Slanker 10 July 2008

What a lovely and tender dedication. You can feel the love in this poem.

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S... Che 10 July 2008

a beautiful sweet love poem :)

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