Alone Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness


Rating: 4.5

Are you lonely every night
it's what I've tried to fight?
Do you really think about me
with the sweet memories we shared?
Are you really missing me
like the way I feel inside?
Do you regret we parted ways
to let us see the reality?
Are you dreaming of the days
when were happy and gay?
Does your memory wander
to a flowery garden
when I kiss you, my dear?
Is the space in your place
painted blue and bare?
Do you stare at your doorway
and imagine I'm standing there?
Are you wishing to offer a warm hug
when you see me crying?
Does my voice echo in your room
and do you hear my laughter?
Are you envisioning the songs
that for you I love to sing?
Does your heart weep and bleed
like mine pierced in grief?
Please tell me darling...
Shall I come back again
to fill the longing of our broken hearts?
Shall I see you once more?
I beg you babe...
Will you wait for me tonight?

(10th June 2008)

Meer Mushfique Mahmood 30 June 2008

Sweet utterances from a tender heart. I will always hunt for your this type poem.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 05 July 2008

heart when lies in askance the blue may satiate the thirst of night love still croons in the room of desire as lone silence was the guest of last night........................yet love provoking, and luscious green, wellpennede, thanks for sharing

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V Ramkissoon 06 July 2008

filled with depth and meaning, i gave u a 10 for this

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Michael Shaffer 06 July 2008

It grabs you and holds you. I like it very much.

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Mr Nobody 07 July 2008

I like this, the premise is interesting.

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Are you lonely every night it's what I've tried to fight? Do you really think about me with the sweet memories we shared? ....lovely and intense feeling beautifully expressed.. i love it and appriciate too... read mine you go alone, miss I miss you, mary to marrytragic end, o mother.. comment too

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Ency Bearis 21 June 2009

nice song...err write..ala Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley...good passionate verses and lovely to read...10

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Saadat Tahir 11 April 2009

you are a prolific writer nice poem...easy and very near the truth sat

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Chris Vanbrusselen 31 August 2008

I should have given you ten points but altough your poem is wonderful to me, something I cannot explain stands in the way; , ! chris.STILL A KISS.

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Adeiza A. 26 August 2008

Hi've got good expression of feelings here in this piece of poetry and you did express a lot there. Your interaction with nature in these lines are also reflective. Good piece of work here Joan. I like this poetry

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