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Are you lonely tonight
Because your heart was broken?
Are you lonely tonight,
Shedding tears from all the emotion?

I was a Union soldier.
The battles were long, bloody and tiring.
I often had streaks of blood
All over my uniform.

Do you know what I feel inside?
It's something I can no longer hide.
It's the way I feel about you
After all that we've been through.

Being with you wasn't right,
But it did not stop me every night.
I just kept having all these mixed feelings
As I stared at the four walls and the ceiling.

As I feel the breeze coming from the ocean shore,
I think of how I loved you more and more
As all those days and nights went by
And the seagulls flew across the sky.

Can you feel for me? It was my daughter and her child
Torn away from my heart by some man whose passions went wild.
Does he care that I'll never see them anymore?
He just ignored their cries when they hit the floor.

You don't have to rewrite your love lines.
They are coming out just fine.
So by all means, love me.
You're the sand, I'm the sea.

Did you receive my poem the other day?
In it, I was asking you to come back to me and stay.
I need some stability in my crazy and hectic life.
Please save me from all this pain and strife.

Do you have room for me?
In your heart?
In your mind?
In your soul?

Jason, if you can hear me from way up above,
This is a tribute to you.
Your life was cut short,
But you've left your mark in this world.

I don't know your favorite song or flower
Or favorite food or drink.
I don't know what time you go to bed or get up in the morning.
Or how often you think of me.

This poem is:
For anyone whose ever felt love with pain.
For anyone whose ever been drowned in rejection's rain.
For anyone whose ever hurt emotionally, so bad.

As I drive along
The long narrow winding road,
The wind is in my hair.
The breeze is in my face.

I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow
Or the next week or the next month.
I don't know if I will live to be old
Or die young.


Cast into the lion's den.
How hungry they must have been.
They had not eaten in days.
The fierceness of their roar.

Those with understanding
Who transmit to others
Their fountain of wisdom,
Let them be lauded and extolled.

This tribute is to you.
Your life was cut short.
But you left your mark in this world
While you had the time.

You like to talk in your sleep.
Your dream must be so deep.
You say the words I want to hear.
You say you always want me near.

My daughter, you've grown up so fast.
I know that I was not always there for you in the past.
Can you find it within your heart
To let us make a new start?

After G-d, trust yourself the most.
Believe in yourself more than in others.
Always be confident, but forever humble.
Know who is who and what is what.

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Are You Lonely Tonight?

Are you lonely tonight
Because your heart was broken?
Are you lonely tonight,
Shedding tears from all the emotion?
Please don't be shy.
Just tell me if its okay for me to dropp by.
I'll be the man you've always dreamed of.
I'll hold you close to me and show you love.
I'll help you through your pain and sorrow.
And after you wake up tomorrow,
We'll take a walk near the ocean shore.
As time goes by, I'll love you more and more.

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Gershon 20 November 2018

Heartfelt, Meaningful and Rich!

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Mariko Hamazaki 08 December 2010

I introdused your nice fer 4 people read it! The Japanese site is that, menbers find a fevarate one and read and recodinng sometimese with BGM. thanks so much to make a nice poem for menbers.

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T H 05 November 2010

Am I the only one wondering why Jeff is not one of the top twenty poets? !

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Shahad Raad 12 August 2008

Hi Mr.Jeff, I read some of your poems, they are very cute and beautiful. what a lucky woman whom you love! realy realy I like them. keep in touch yours Shahad Raad

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