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Are You Lonely Tonight?

Are you lonely tonight
Because your heart was broken?
Are you lonely tonight,
Shedding tears from all the emotion?

A Tale From A Union Soldier

I was a Union soldier.
The battles were long, bloody and tiring.
I often had streaks of blood
All over my uniform.

Do You Know What I Feel Inside?

Do you know what I feel inside?
It's something I can no longer hide.
It's the way I feel about you
After all that we've been through.

Being With You Wasn'T Right

Being with you wasn't right,
But it did not stop me every night.
I just kept having all these mixed feelings
As I stared at the four walls and the ceiling.

As I Feel The Breeze

As I feel the breeze coming from the ocean shore,
I think of how I loved you more and more
As all those days and nights went by
And the seagulls flew across the sky.

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Gershon 20 November 2018

Heartfelt, Meaningful and Rich!

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Mariko Hamazaki 08 December 2010

I introdused your nice fer 4 people read it! The Japanese site is that, menbers find a fevarate one and read and recodinng sometimese with BGM. thanks so much to make a nice poem for menbers.

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T H 05 November 2010

Am I the only one wondering why Jeff is not one of the top twenty poets? !

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Shahad Raad 12 August 2008

Hi Mr.Jeff, I read some of your poems, they are very cute and beautiful. what a lucky woman whom you love! realy realy I like them. keep in touch yours Shahad Raad

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