Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

Rookie (2/19/1976 / Grapevine, TX)

Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet Poems

1. Nothingness 2/16/2007
2. Mistress Of Loneliness 2/16/2007
3. If I Were 2/16/2007
4. Serena: A Sestina 2/16/2007
5. Inherent Evil 2/16/2007
6. Dark Desires 2/16/2007
7. Confusion In Mind And Soul 2/16/2007
8. The World Not Found 2/16/2007
9. I Am Deer 2/16/2007
10. Upon Entering The Mind Of An Eagle 2/16/2007
11. True Self 2/16/2007
12. The Damned 2/16/2007
13. When I Die 2/16/2007
14. Just Me 2/16/2007
15. Keys To Happiness 2/16/2007
16. Cloud Colours - Ninesquare Form 2/16/2007
17. For My Daughter Lucille 2/16/2007
18. Many Moons 2/16/2007
19. Emotional Toilet Bowl 2/19/2007
20. Nighttime Envy 3/27/2008
21. The Lost Generation 3/27/2008
22. Discovering The Triad: Me, Myself, & I 5/30/2008
23. Slip Me A 'Markie' 6/24/2008
24. Two Halves 2/16/2007
25. Waltzing With Daddy 4/2/2007
26. Sky Above, Earth Below 2/16/2007
27. The World Comes 'Round Full Circle 2/16/2007
28. Disc Golf's Spiritual Side 2/19/2007
29. She Is Like A Flower 2/16/2007
30. A Mind Cleared By Drink 3/27/2008
31. One Single Kiss: A Poem For Mark 2/16/2007
Best Poem of Jennifer ParksNolan as LeJenD'Poet

One Single Kiss: A Poem For Mark

Floating in an endless sea of hopelessness
sinking steadily toward the eternal darkness
whispered promises of the overwhelming abyss
Yet, saved from it all by One Single Kiss.

Heart and soul, both, laid bare to all
brought on by my self-induced fall
unable, or unwilling, to hear my rescuer's call
Still, One Single Kiss mended it all.

Fear and depression combining into one
no strength left to face a new day's sun
heartache ending all desire to have fun
But, One Single Kiss, and that was all gone.

Unable to sleep either day or night
unable to ...

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For My Daughter Lucille

my daughter
I love you so
you are my star-shine
my heart swells with pride
for the angel you are,
the woman you will become,
the intelligence seen within.
My love for you is everlasting;
you hold my heart in the palm of your hand.

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