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I do not love you, but I could
Will you let me try?
Open your heart to me, show me your soul
Tell me your joys and your sorrows in full

Advice to who?
Advice for you!
Heed the words I say,
for if you do my dear little one

ruin me to rubble
erode me away graciously
with time
undo my roots

I do not write for you.
I only write for me.
To rhyme for the enjoyment of others,
What kind of poet would I be?

I love you
(But not in the cheesy love poem kind of way)
But still
It's true

Sweet, sweet boy,
where do you wander
when you have nowhere to go?
How do you get there?

This house is much more quiet
Now that she's gone
There's no one to make music
Or to sing pretty songs

Remember when it was just me
There was no her
It was not three

I read a poem
that reminded me of you
that made me want you
and then

I'll have an omelet
with everything on it!
Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes,
spinach, kale, and potatoes

We are two lovers
playing tug of war
at each end of the rope.
Hoping the other

I kissed you atop the Grand Canyon
You were better than the view
As the moon rose to greet the night
I kissed you until morning light

I'm as dizzy as a dandelion who's been blown away.
I'm tougher than the door you knock on night and day.
I'm two steps ahead, never falling behind.
I'm the quiet whisper haunting your mind.


Please let me give you the stars
And by the stars, I mean my hand
And by my hand, I mean my love
And by my love, I mean my life

If I had a dollar
For each time you made me laugh
I could bathe in gold and riches
And that's not even half

You told me one drink wouldn't hurt,
and now I have blood on my shirt.
With fractures in my head,
I'm lying in bed


over the rainbow,
across the river,
through the woods,

You tell me I am brilliant
I tell you that you lie
If only you could see
The truth that lies inside

How about
instead of dying
we start living,
instead of dreaming

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Jessica's my name, poetry's my game.)

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I Do Not Love You, But I Could

I do not love you, but I could
Will you let me try?
Open your heart to me, show me your soul
Tell me your joys and your sorrows in full
I do not love you, but I would
Will you let me?
I could see all the wonders of the world, I could gaze into the heavens above
But nothing compares to every moment I spend with you my love
I do not love you, alas don't you see?
I could love you, but could you love me?

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Juan Olivarez 22 April 2010

i saw your name on my page so i am returning the courtesy. i must say i now know why you read my poems. you seem to think as i do that poetry needs to come together, and be worthy of yourself before you present it to others. young lady please write more you will do everyone a big favor. i read the pearl so many years ago that it is lost in the deep recesses of my mind, but obviously you are very young and very talented, God bless you, and keep on chunking.

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Khairul Ahsan 27 September 2020

Your biography is wonderful! Except the name, For me too, All are the same! :)

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Lucky Brown 28 October 2014

I've read most of your poems, fewer in words but much in understanding.thanks for your comments over my first poem, im still writing more

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Mark Hamilton 08 September 2014

This is nice - succinct and sad.

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Walter C. Edwards 21 April 2014

Very Sweet and a lovely poem about friendship.

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Ashish Tyagi 01 April 2014

i read few of your poems here. you really can say a lot in fewer words. and thanks for appreciating my first poem.

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