Joe Holley

The Flames Of Love - Poem by Joe Holley

Alone a candle burns, with its heat and beauty.
Alone until the end, in which its light fades away.
Breathing like any being, flowing like any heart.
Alone in the darkness, the cold and lonely world.

But what if it was joined by another flame? .
Side by side they burn ever stronger, dancing in the wind.
Together they give more light and more warmth for each other.
More hope in this dark and cold world.

Standing strong together, they will never stop burning.
One will fade away, but only with the other.
The flames of love live together.
Until the very end.

But what if something were to happen.
A strong breeze to go by, they stand happy but oblivious.
Oblivious to the winds of time that will hurt forever.
They stand flowing only for one to be burnt out, too fast yet too slowly.

Hit to hard its flame is almost gone, while the other tries to burn strong beside it.
The dance of the flickering fire's slowing down, the heat so strong, becoming so weak.
Its almost alone again, even itself fading away.
It stands there stuck watching helplessly, wishing it can help.

The candle burns out, the smoke filling the once hopeful airs.
Alone again it stands, without its flame it burned so much for, and so much with.
The darkness it once knew, back again.
And the coldness it once felt, smothering it again.

The lone candle, it begins to die.
As the stars begin to fill its night sky, as the moon begins to awake from its slumber.
It begins to make a wish, a wish to never burn again.
A wish for it to die, so it can drift in the airs that took its loved one away..

The wax, dripping away like tears.
The winds, blowing again.
The flame bursts into light once more as it says goodbye to the cruel world.
Until that one last gust of wind, blows the flame silent.

The smoke fills the air one last time.
Until a boy finds the dark and lonesome space.
To find the candle burnt out.
To find his window open.

He picks up the dead candle, one side still hot.
He sits on his bed and reads the label once more.
A tear falls from his check as he replaces the candle, back on his windowsill.
Knowing If he had closed the window to protect the candle, it would still be burning strong.
He climbs into bed taking one last look.
Cold and alone, he knew how the candle felt, the guilt upon him as he closes his eyes.
The label forever with him.
Which simply reads....

“It’s ok to be alone at first, because you will burn as strong as you think possible. To find another however, to glow even brighter, is a feeling stronger then fire itself. But even that fire can be blown away, by the flow of time and the fate of the winds. Once alone again, you might as well be dead, because your flame will never be as strong again.”

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