Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle Poems

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Father Africa

Father Africa! At a token ignorance,
You have given your inheritance:
To strangers you gave so much.
White fellows who did not eat in our dish.

At The Worship Of Poetry

Thou, who hath the spirit of poetry;
Unto thee today I bow to call
To the service and worship of poetry.
I entreat and bid thee to my call.

Mortal Me (What The Body Says To The Soul)

I, who will die
And entombed under a stone
Amid of sands I'll lie
I'll be too conscious to groan.

Deeds Of The Just

He tries not to meditate evils
Nor with his hands sordidly paddles
He who knows he is ephemeral
He disports not himself at funeral.

Ode To Our Rulers

Like these innocent children,
We gathered submitting our rights
To you, these honourable men
Who have led us to this place of plights.

Euphony Of Myself

The eulogy of my spirit
Which is the euphony of myself,
My soul rises from His temple
Bearing a big lamp

He Made Them Twain

The earth and the sky
He made them twain.
The left and the right
He made them twain.

Away, Away!

Away, away!
I command thee, spiritus.
This be not thy stay,
Remember the forbidden laws.

Be Thou Not Brutal

Dear friends and kin
This be my exhorting
Walk not the path of treachery
Gaze the heaven with clemency

And It Came To Pass

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