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Father Africa! At a token ignorance,
You have given your inheritance:
To strangers you gave so much.
White fellows who did not eat in our dish.

Thou, who hath the spirit of poetry;
Unto thee today I bow to call
To the service and worship of poetry.
I entreat and bid thee to my call.

I, who will die
And entombed under a stone
Amid of sands I'll lie
I'll be too conscious to groan.

He tries not to meditate evils
Nor with his hands sordidly paddles
He who knows he is ephemeral
He disports not himself at funeral.

Like these innocent children,
We gathered submitting our rights
To you, these honourable men
Who have led us to this place of plights.

The eulogy of my spirit
Which is the euphony of myself,
My soul rises from His temple
Bearing a big lamp

The earth and the sky
He made them twain.
The left and the right
He made them twain.

Away, away!
I command thee, spiritus.
This be not thy stay,
Remember the forbidden laws.

Dear friends and kin
This be my exhorting
Walk not the path of treachery
Gaze the heaven with clemency

Thou art not unkind
Like earthly friend with sordid mind
Who will go no step to be fair
But million miles to be insincere.

And so she becomes, my sunshine
She came like the moon of August
A felicitous friend from divine
She bore joy, love and trust.

All, after his expiration,
His eyes glaze once beneath the earth.
But those letters of adoration
Will be explored in a leaflet.

Dear revered reader,
From my heart these gently trigger.

Let them who cry in pain

My eyelids are flicking
Tired of all day vision
And my soul sedately sinking.
Let me sleep!

I am myself,
Who paddles the canoe of my destiny
Upon the tumultuous ocean of life.

Chant the eulogies of our fathers
In a mild melodious tune.
Let the birds fling and flap their feathers.
Africa, do no ancestor impugn.

The memories were drawn
Long ago before I was born;
That in the year of the dragon,
A small Phoenix was born.

Turbulence engulf my mind
It beats in a fearful rhythm
My legs tremble with a great bind
Dear countrymen, our brute is brim.

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Oladehinde Ibikunle Full Name: Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle Poet, Playwright and ESL Instructor Nationality: Nigerian Place of Origin: Yewa, Ogun State Nigeria.)

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Father Africa

Father Africa! At a token ignorance,
You have given your inheritance:
To strangers you gave so much.
White fellows who did not eat in our dish.
Behold, with some sham laughter,
They transacted for few daughters;
They brought clothes and rums and guns
To shackle away your sons.
Father Africa, foolish you!

Lo! See Mama Africa's cry
Her hapless tears can not dry
On her beautiful black dimples.
Oh Africa, chaos ripples.
See your sons brutally unfair
Taking hostage His own kin at warfare,
Selling them at ludicrous token.
Oh Africa, your woes betoken!

The sun rose in great grief
And shambled to rest in dumb disbelief,
The rivers - pensive in their banks.
Our follies deserve no thanks;
Africa sold her pride at Twenty Pounds,
Her offspring shackled to foreign grounds
On a fettered peregrination to the coasts,
Where they await shipment to wicked hosts.

Father Africa, foolish you!
Had those tokens of Twenty Pounds
Sufficed the pandemic poverty that pounds
You and your offspring on the head?
Those you sold - million tears shed
You caused them sorrowful spirituals to sing
They endlessly labour'd where trepidations ring,
They suffer'd severe discomfort - unfair!
They dwelt in dejected despise and despair.

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'Even death, terror and sorrow, I assume, are all glaring signs of our ephemerality'

We should let our affections pull down the barricades of ethnicity and religions if we are to live as humane humans.

Poetry is the museful melody that captivates the soul with its cryptic witticisms.

Poetry is the tasteful libations of words poured from the sacred bowls of beauty.

Poetry is the formula of words artistically factorised into intoxicating lines and stanzas.

One thing I've seen here: rightness and wrongness are determined by friendship and affiliations. Supports and oppositions are not based on the tenets of truth but on alliance. But truth is indefatigable! Even if everyone stands for lies in the name of friendship or for whatever reasons, truth remains true to itself: it stands unperturbed.

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Joseph Oladehinde Ibikunle Popularity

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