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So he didn't call back
Was he busy?

To busy to pick up?

It's like that with God sometimes

I have a banquet
All for me
I am going to see


I see two eyes in the shower
I stare at them for a long time
While they look back at me

The sun is not out this morning
I can feel it anyway
It's shining in my soul

In my quiet time this morning
It occurs to me
imagination and ideas are as many
As the raindrops that have been falling

Stealing small patches of sunlight today
in and out I go
Hoping the screen door wont loose it's hinge
In and out I go


Lifetime and leftovers are waiting
The sun is strong
How long will I endure?
Not nearly as long as I already have

Cover the nose
Get the hose
Trim the plants
Nook the ants

Was it a sign?
That book that called me
While I was looking for something else?
I've been asking for one

It's all an effort to
Stop the noise

The monks can't really do it
Nor can I

Go sit by the fire will you?
my lap is occupied
Don't look at me that way


I long to hear you
Above all else
Sensing all the time
Our presence

Why don't you
Write about me?
Ok I will
I love you still


I can hear the red buds calling
Calling to each other

Asking how they've been

In time it will come
Gray like in matter


I think I got it
You're afraid of being caught
In out and around the house
Of your imagination

I need you a lot today
I always love you
I'm always greatful for you

Don't stop talking to me
Don't stop listening to me
Don't stop sharing wigh me
Don't stop ignoring me

Let God be your pillow
Soft and gentle
But supporting on both sides

Keep saving...Keep saving
Let go and make room
For the teachers

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I am a stay at home. Daughter in Philly son in NY. 2 kids one 25 and one 20. Both awesome and oh so very different which is a blessing... I used to play with poems when I was their age and got away from it. Now at 56 I find myself drawn to the magic once more. Other than that I make art.....mixed media or whatever moves to spend time with my plants...cook. And read a lot of ' new thought ' lots of reading and loving this time in life)

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Dial Tone

So he didn't call back
Was he busy?

To busy to pick up?

It's like that with God sometimes

I call and leave a message
I call him again
And hang up

I call him again
To see if he got my message

When will I call him again?

When will I trust the message I received?

I would not have to call back
If only I'd believed...

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Josephine Lauderdale Popularity

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