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  • Jim Richardson (2/13/2007 9:46:00 PM)

    Are you the lady that commented on my poem 'Charles. A man's man? ' If you are
    I thank you for your generous words. You are also a great looking lady. Witty poetry is something that I have not read a lot of but yours is very good. If you read all of my poetry you can see that I lean toward the serious.

    Thank you again
    Jim Richardson

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  • Roger Bowman (1/31/2007 1:31:00 AM)

    I agree with Lisa and Nikhil plus ur bio is funny.Good luck with everything

    All the best and more

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  • Lisa Wilkinson (6/1/2006 5:53:00 PM)

    Deanna is a lovely lass, with lots of talent and plenty of class!
    I enjoy reading her poems and will continue to do so. Keep them rolling Dee.
    She is a good friend too, trustworthy and kind. My kinda people! x

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Best Poem of Judith Driscoll Bryan

Eeeeeeek! I'M Scared!

Horace P. Maggot, of no fixed address,
Para-sailed thru life Criminally Obsessed.
Fast cash? His prize! Trickery? His game!
Blame? Given to victims - both ill and lame.

His ill-gotten cash was recklessly spent.
Still, he had to cough up November's rent.
''No worry! ''.. he matter-of-factly said.
''There's always a fool, who'll butter MY bread.''

He sat momentarily in deep thought.
''A wily Perfect Scam? ''...is what he sought.
''Aha! I've got it.''said this thief, well taught
In 'How to Con the Overly Distraught! '

*GHOST HUNTER For Hire!...

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Thinker's Quest

In a darkened room, void of sound
Sat a Thinker in thought profound.
Oblivious of time; conscious of task
'Oh, Sweet Inspiration, where do you bask? '

Wise men bestow gems of wisdom, divine,
Marvelled by those less Cerebrally Inclined.
Fanciful labour sparked by Genius within
Intent on completion.. (with minimum chagrin.)