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In Memory Of...

memory floats in oblivion
trying to grasp the meaning
memory slowly floating away
when there is nothing to hold

I Cried Today

today nothing is the same
though I thought
no tears
would ever come again

Kisses In The Night

feather touches
shivers quivering down
warmth welling up from the bottom
feeling as if about to burst from within

Passionate Crime

driving to the rendevouz
knowing it should not happen
can't stop myself


creeping around
never enough
driving away
feelings need release

K.. K.. Comments

Blue angel Florida 13 July 2007

K.. K.. has a very special way to write and give life to her art. So deep and T R U E the last poem I read from her 'Kisses in the Night'...She is already added to my favorite list of Love Poems.

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