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memory floats in oblivion
trying to grasp the meaning
memory slowly floating away
when there is nothing to hold

today nothing is the same
though I thought
no tears
would ever come again

feather touches
shivers quivering down
warmth welling up from the bottom
feeling as if about to burst from within

driving to the rendevouz
knowing it should not happen
can't stop myself

creeping around
never enough
driving away
feelings need release

though we come from dirt
we act as if we are the masters
of the world we came from

subway train winding down the track
new people (but the same)
at every stop
children laughing

Smog chocked skies
As if there is nothing to see
Rain comes to clear away
The death brought on by diesel engines

your love
swallows me whole
enveloping me in warmth
closing in

Why must we
when expressing a thought
hang onto traditional ways
why must we know

sitting at my desk
wondering what is happening
trying to get a grip
on what is left of reality

Jazz Man make my day
Soothing sounds
from your saxophone
wrapping me in a warm cocoon

from within emotions well up
from without tears are on the edge
don't know how to live
when you are not there

touches so soft
never feeling
touches so long
never ending


my soul was empty
but it found you
my heart was cold
but was warmed by your touch

sweet delight sitting in silence
reaching over as you pull away
holding my tongue just inches away
reaching out, laughing as you pull away


Soaring high

Climbing up


where are the words
that once came easy
where are the thoughts
that seemed endless


filling my heart
with cool bliss

What is there to celebrate
freedoms are washed away
draining into the garbage compactor

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In Memory Of...

memory floats in oblivion
trying to grasp the meaning
memory slowly floating away
when there is nothing to hold
memory going away
as the coffin lid is closed
memory disappearing from the mind
shovels of dirt falling on the lid
opening in the darkness
memories coming in a rush
no one hearing
tears falling to the ground
puddles of rain forming around
memories of me
fading from existence

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Blue angel Florida 13 July 2007

K.. K.. has a very special way to write and give life to her art. So deep and T R U E the last poem I read from her 'Kisses in the Night'...She is already added to my favorite list of Love Poems.

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