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Youth And Death

One morning while I was walking beside the river
Saw some green grassed very tender.
The memory of my sweet childhood
And the memory of my parents came to my heart,
And O, the most powerful I longed for thee.

A few months later, I was on my way home through that path
And saw some dry leaves beneath,
Who knows when I’ll receive your call?
When man will learn the secret of silent death?

Again, during the season of rain
When I was on my way home through that path
With a stick in my hand,
Saw some new and tender green leaves
Where once ruled the dry leaves of a brunt tree;
We the old should make place for the young.
Just before the time of my embark
I realised that all my life is not in vain
As destruction and death,
Are the brothers of creation and indomitable youth.

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Kalyan Chatterjee Popularity

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