Katherine Kobito Poems

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To My Beautiful Angel

I can feel your soft fur in my hands,
Like I put my hair in rubber bands.
I can hear your slow and rhythmic breaths,
As if I can hear creatures crawl at the ocean's depths!

You Know Who You Are (Sestina)

I used to be hurt. My heart was as torn as a sad clown.
Watching my world break was dispicable.
My friends betrayed me, believing rumors
instead of me. All because of you! Why


Suicide is a scary word.
People think it when life's too much.
They think it's the only way out
When the pressure gets tough.


The sun is going down.
Everything is dark.

The angels sleep.


Dawn by day,
Dark by night.
Birds in the sky,
A beautiful sight.

To My Hero: Anne

You and six others lived in this small place.
Yall went in hiding because of your race.
You tried to be quiet, except for one sound.
A robber heard it and spread it around.


If I were an angel, would I fly?
If I were a bird, would I sing?
If I were mad, would I scream?
If I were sad, would I cry?

Here's A Story Of

A little girl who was crying on her way home.
Her daddy beat her, her mommy left her all alone.
She has no one to turn to, no one is there!
The teachers look on without a care.

Finding Faith

Here is a girl who has lost her way, feeling all alone.
Her daddy died and her mama left, leaving her with no home.
Shivering with fear, lips cold with frost,
She is stuck on the street, feeling lost.

I Am

I am a person trying to find herself.
I wonder what it takes to be all you can be.
I hear the thoughts in my head running.
I see my life flashing before me.

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