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Haiku (4-5-05)

Clouds move through the skies,
Changing their shapes all the time,
Pictures up so high.

I Have Walked... (8-17-04)

I have walked into the ocean
and realized the depth of time.

I have walked among the clockwork

Summer Nights (2-3-05)

Summer nights,
the warm, thick air,
a little humid, but not
too much,

Wolves In The Wind (5-29-03)

The wind is like a wolf.
It howls at the windows,
and scratches at the door
with dead branches


Storms bring warm, wet oceans,
under his joyful morning laugh.

Teach us to grow

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This is so cool! I have been writing poems for pretty much my whole literate life, but never let anyone read them. My family would think I'm crazy =) But now I can actally get some feedback...*_*

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