Kesav Venkat Easwaran Poems

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Wisdom Words...

Each night before to bed,
A prayer to God she says
'Protect my children from
Troubles likely to face'

The Monkey Stared Hard At Me...

The monkey stared hard at me
Imitating him, I was?
It was clear his birthright
Who I thought I was?

The Count Down Ring

Beneath a sky of graying frowns,
Behind a waning moon,
Beneath a group of frozen clouds,
Bereft of raining moods,

Haiku- She

On lips smile alive
On her bright fun loving eyes
Tears never thrive!

Boundless Thirsts

On an arousing night, I dream
Wherein I embark on a trip
Through the bare blue sky,
Where stars do not blink

I Gave A Poem...

I gave a poem to a painter;
It came out with its heart inside
In colorful lines illustrate...

The Lone Bird

I watch this lone bird
down the sky
hesitant to fly
folded wings, drawn in,

My Dog Died

My dog died.

He was lifted straight to heaven
Through the holy gate

A Poet Perturbed...

Love and Nature both
Tantalized me 'n told:
Write on us straight forth
Songs that are sweet and soft

Mother's Gift

I behold this starlit summer sky
On this day, the month of May,
Enter, afloat thoughts a few,
Mother's Day, in my mind

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