A Poet Perturbed... Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

A Poet Perturbed...

Rating: 5.0

Love and Nature both
Tantalized me 'n told:
Write on us straight forth
Songs that are sweet and soft

Each claiming more
Deep dear to my thoughts

Perturbed I wrote
A poem praising love
Reading that, Love said
My charm here I lost!

Discarding this write
I drew a poem portrait
Glanced and Nature said,
This one no way great!

Then I composed one
With a message therein
Both came in and said
No good this to sing!

Making my pen freeze
And saying no forgive,
Deserting me both leave
I lose my accomplice

Reading my poem, this,
Someone console me, please!

25 04 08

Sivan P.G Menon 13 August 2008

kve... Let your creative instincts..be.. un satiated throughout a life Span.. it's a cave’.. aesthetically carved..mysterious.. I am a little selfish...to wish u' so... u' remain a perturbed...poet.. to see more and more of your...poetic expressions.. unique..in style..lyrics..provoking.. regards.. sivan..

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C T Heart 20 November 2008

i always do love your style and uniqueness of artistic writing...Hope you'll open your voting mail...Surely, you'll have your poems always on the top...TC

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Indira Renganathan 24 November 2008

Don't worry Kesav..seven steps to success..on the steeple when you are (already you are) love of/for nature..nature of/for love all will surrender..no matter even if you are seventy or eighty..10+

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Midnight Blood 26 November 2008

very powerful emotion, and i must say i've been there and done that A very good poem 10+

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Marilyn Lott 13 December 2008

Writing is a constant search for the right words to express our feelings. We don't stop - ever as a poet. It opens up the world for us so it does get frustrating at times but at the same time it's a true gift. I can't imagine not doing it as I'm sure you cannot. Thank you for sharing your feelings that we can relate to! '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 02 April 2010

It’s said [mostly in corporate and art sector] ‘Job Satisfaction’ makes one petrified and phlegmatic stagnant …here we find Sr. Poet’s dissatisfaction dictum… and used Love and Nature as symbols… Poet is very wise and subtly percolated out in readers’ mind the Vedic saying CHARYAIVATI… CHARYAIVATI… CHARYAIVATI… [March on and on and on…]…Excellent PH* in PH Thanks Sir an eye-opener for me… 10++ [HF]** Ms. Nivedita UK - *[Poetic Humility] **Heart Felt

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Antonio Liao 09 October 2009

as laughter silent the pen....the minds patiently hug some thought of witlessly roar of the heart....so beautiful your poem that allures me to go beyond the mind can achieve.....thank you and GOD bless you... a 10 +++++

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 28 September 2009

Perturbed poets thwart words that are eager to seek their place among thoughts that have fathomed from within the depths of meaningful purpose.

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Raj Arumugam 22 September 2009

good poem with rhythmic echoes of the Introduction from Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake...

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Meggie Gultiano 30 June 2009

i love the last line. you ended this piece perfectly.. Hugs, Meggie

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