My Dog Died Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

My Dog Died

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My dog died.

He was lifted straight to heaven
Through the holy gate
How I knew I hear you ask
You, my ever doubting Thomas!
Believe it, he only mailed!

An e-dog? Yes, why not?
For, a dog in heaven
Is far better off than you me
Or any dog else on this earth.

So listen to my words now

I mailed back:
How come you are in heaven?
Ask the angels to know
And get back to me soon

In return my dog mailed:

Master! I was told
After my life with you
There on the earth
My term in hell got washed off!

The call on the Game was 'Deuce'
His Service was an Ace
At point Advantage!
Game, Set and Match
To my dog, erstwhile…

Monday, September 28, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: dog,game,humour,master,satire,service
Cindy Kreiner Sera 12 October 2009

Expecting sadness, found humour instead. Congratulations on yet another Poem with a difference - thank you for the smile I am wearing right now... and each time I look at a dog no doubt.

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Al Ramos 12 October 2009

Man's best friend here with us, he deserves to go to heaven, no more chasing sticks for our entertainment.

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Chitra - 13 October 2009

amusing and touching...experimental in tone...I like the blend of emotive value and hi-tech factor (e-dog) well done Sir

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Emu Getachew 14 October 2009

witty and prolific poem...i take heaven over any place on earth. I will keep you on my to read lists of poets 10++++

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Sivashanmugam Shanmugam 14 October 2009

hi some lines are poetrical and some lines appeare prose formats.any how this thread is nice.keep it up....10

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Valsa George 24 March 2020

Master! I was told On the earth, with My life with you there My term in got washed off! ........... This gives a chuckle to me! But I don't think you can be such a horrible master with your kind of disposition! However quite a humorous write!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 August 2019

An exellent poem, with tinge of irony and using the tennis terminology. Such an enjoyable read and with humor. Thank you for sharing, Kesav. I was in PH on 2011 and you in 2009. Two years earlier than I and sinds your return in January 2019, I don't see you anywhere.

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 17 May 2010

Interesting poem, Kesav...I enjoyed how you used 'My Dog Died' to explain human situations and coping with: physical, social, and religious. Especially how communication has changed.

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Lynda Robson 29 October 2009

Very amusing write and I like the idea of an e-dog mail, lol thanks 10 Lynda xx

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Ratnaprabha Raykar 15 October 2009

hats off to your repartee with your dog, inter posed with the game of tennis. I have a lot to learn from you

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