Bronze Star - 2,567 Points [And so we move on the sun continues to shine]


1. And The Aids Says 7/2/2013
2. Forever In Feud 12/22/2013
3. A Tick In The Neck 12/27/2013
4. I Dreamed A Day 12/27/2013
5. Indiginous Kind 12/27/2013
6. When I Love 1/3/2014
7. Nkanti Nam Ndinenduku! 1/17/2014
8. Missing Roses 1/17/2014
9. Fallible Season 1/18/2014
10. When A Poet Runs 1/18/2014
11. Grey Season 1/26/2014
12. A Word For My Son 1/26/2014
13. In The Name Of Love I Commit 2/2/2014
14. A Flag In Sadness 2/2/2014
15. Covets Of The Lost Orchid 2/8/2014
16. Truth Beyond Rubies 2/16/2014
17. Admiring Dave 2/16/2014
18. Disunity 2/21/2014
19. Where The Stars Fail To Shine 6/18/2013
20. Raw Deal 6/18/2013
21. Who Would Have Thought Of A Bluff? 6/18/2013
22. Price Of Obedience 6/19/2013
23. I Want To Write A Poem That Says 6/24/2013
24. I Had No Shoes 7/2/2013
25. Message To My Old Friend 7/3/2013
26. Injurious Numbers 7/16/2013
27. Forgive Me, I'M Overwise 7/22/2013
28. Without You Without Me 2/23/2014
29. In A Hunt For Treasure I Sing A Song 3/1/2014
30. The Silence The Decoder 3/10/2014
31. I Needed To Have A Poem Laid 3/10/2014
32. Double Crossing 3/8/2014
33. A Shallow Thought Sinked A Frog 3/8/2014
34. Black Cremation 3/8/2014
35. Silence And Contemplation 3/8/2014
36. Fall Of Men 3/8/2014
37. Death Is Still True 3/16/2014
38. Inevitable End... 3/16/2014
39. Enlightment 3/22/2014
40. An Early Journey Through The Rocks 4/19/2014

Comments about KHAYA CLARENCE

  • Melikhaya Zagagana Melikhaya Zagagana (10/20/2014 5:46:00 AM)

    Besides being a writer of good and bad things. I am a human being with feelings, a father with courtesy. I might offend you accidentally or willingly, in-advance i'm sorry and i love all human kind unconditionally.

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  • Jenie Franksay Jenie Franksay (7/8/2013 12:25:00 AM)

    i must say u r a talented writer..
    keep penning sis.
    love ur poems.



Romance kills so much
a part of me i like;
romance makes me neglect
a part of me i care to love.

Romance bribes me away from
things i call priceless;
romance blind my eyes towards
life to see.

Romance blows all the winds away
and give rainless summer's and
humid winter nights.
Romance gives me roselets when
roses wither out in time.

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Rat Bite Conspiracy

My knees are hardened,
like an elephant skin.
Hence another round
shall get my knees torn.
If i were a snake, i shall
be peeling off.
The monkeys are out about
from tree to tree with a
squeaky noise, tasting
the reflex of the branches.
the snakes are proud to emulate
and the rest is a conspiracy of
a rat bite.

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