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Last Night

Nature had pulled the blind
And put on the crescent candle in the sky so we won't go blind.
The wind was dry and frosty
It was subsahara winter not roasty.

What Men Don'T See

The neat white fluffy clouds
Are scattered in the face of the growing sun's
Dazzling light.


Every time I see you
A fire in me burns alive
Right in the depths of my soul
And the hills of wax melt away.

In This Life

Everything around seems normal
Even friends and family you have seem loyal.
You don't know you are at the market on loan.

A Friend

... You want to know who I am? ....
I am a friend of yours back
In those shrinking days in your.....
A friend who looked black but was white

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Kimberly Mccreary 06 August 2009

Great poem as per always. Have a great day! . Kim

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