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Sweet Theme 1. Home… Sweet Home. (Parody On Poem “home” By Yoonoos Peerbocus) .

Rating: 3.8

Home’s a place where
Your parents take care
Of you, and any time
You want, you easily find
Many sweets in the vase
Or can get at the jars
With different jams.
But why ‘ORs’ if ‘ANDs’!
Yes! Taking a spoon
You enjoy jams. Soon

You take a fruit-drop
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Brianna Wilshusen 07 October 2008

Very nice, the home where everyone knows you stole the cookie or whatnot. Its not a cliche piece and it brings a vison to me of when I was little girl trying to steal my mothers fresh woopie pies.10

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Soulful Heart 07 March 2014

sweet as your home.........................please can you comment on my poem written in memory of yoonus....

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Susan Witman 09 October 2008

It's different. But ok I guess. Keep trying.

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Some Poems 08 October 2008

I liked it but i am not very good at reading it my rhythm is all off so i probably don't appreciate it as much as i should. My Bad.

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Allan Macli Borges 07 October 2008

i'm glad for read this so very happy poem, thanks for share it.

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Tj Becker 07 October 2008

My memories of my gran filled my mind as I read this wonderfully written poem. She always had something homemade for me when I was there. This write brought wonderful memories alive again.

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