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Riding This Lonely Train

I'm riding this lonely train tonight
It's like I'm having a dream
Where did it go wrong
There I go again

You Left Yourself There...

You’re living on empty promises
There’s just these empty shadows
Disappearing Behind you
And all the dreams that you had

Unfortunate Soul

Broken and unforgetting
Wish it all had been a Dream
The tortures of my miserable past
And the unveiling of my hazy future

What You Have To

I’m so dizzy now
You’ve got me spinnin’
In full circles now
What you have to

My Sancuary

I am in the ocean
I am surrounded by mountains
I can hear everyone’s voices
I can see the wildlife around me

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Wise One 03 October 2007

Hahahahaha Maybe you should go finnish your highschool first and then check your spelling! What a joke.... poet.... too funny! On second thought.... everyone who knows the name will have a good laugh too.... so maybe you should leave it. Can always use a good laugh. hahahahahaha

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