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In shadows cast by ancient suns, the Time-Weaver spun,
A silken thread of history, where tales of old began.
The city hummed with life's embrace, in markets full and rife,
Philosophers and merchants spoke, exchanging thoughts and strife.

In this world of ours, so dark and cold,
Many struggle to find a place to hold.
Their dreams and hopes fade into the night,
As they struggle to survive with all their might.

Yellow and azure, the shades of discord,
A clash of tints, each vying for the accord.
The sun and the sky, once allies in flight,
Turned bitter rivals, with harmony out of sight.

In the throes of war's grim rhapsody,
A solitary poppy, crimson hued, defies reality,
Ensconced among the havoc, life, and grim mortality,
Inhaling warriors' final sighs, embracing their fatality.

Witness the splendor of our Earth,
A masterpiece of endless worth.
From towering peaks that touch the skies
To ocean depths where mystery lies.

In the boundless realm of celestial space,
A stellar birth, with brilliance to embrace,
A supernova, resplendent and grand,
A cosmic display across the interstellar land.

In verdant realms, the daisies oscillate,
Amongst silent markers, arranged, they communicate,
These guardians of our eternal repose,
As sparrows ascend in their symphonic throes,

Time, a mystery we chase, always slipping away,
A river that flows, without end or delay.
It moves without care, a force we can't tame,
Still, we try to grasp it, our hearts all aflame.

Upon the table, unblemished, sheer,
A virgin parchment lies, the mind's frontier.
Entreats for eloquence, sonnet, soliloquy,
Physician's missive, astral plans, boundless ingenuity.

In the waning light of a receding day,
A crossroads emerged, formidable and gray.
With diverging paths, I couldn't traverse both,
Alone, I contemplated the direction to approach,

In vibrant yellow boots, red flowers on display,
A little girl leaps in the mud, a rhythmic ballet.
Her sunny raincoat, her cheerful rain cap,
A scene of pure innocence, impossible to unwrap.

Odin's Sacrifice
Odin, the one-eyed All-Father,
War and death are his dominions, his tether.
Half of the warriors in battle, to Valhalla he takes,

A life inside, so pure and true,
A dream that was about to come anew.
A woman's heart, filled with love and light,
Awaiting the day when her baby would take flight.

With laughter and joy, we play tag,
My granddaughter and I never lag.
'Papa, let's play, copy me! ' She cries,
Her laughter rings, wild and flies.

In the vast expanse of cosmic night,
Where astral notes form a harmonious sight,
A celestial symphony unfolds its tale,
As stellar maestros in the firmament prevail.

As life's final vestiges gently wane,
A flood of memories, like the sun's radiant reign.
A journey well-lived, an odyssey fulfilled,
The path's end, the ultimate yield.

Amidst the penumbra of the urban maze,
A soul drifts, a heart that ceaselessly plays.
Eyes that meander, a consciousness that strays,
Plagued by specters, relentless in their chase.

A solitary figure, burdened by despair,
Wanders through life, with a heart laid bare.
The loss of a child, a tormenting weight,
As the world keeps spinning, indifferent to their fate.

Once lost in the fray of life's uncertain way,
Amidst the tumultuous winds that would sway,
I searched for a place where I could belong,
Wondering where my heart would find its song.

On the path of life, in the glow of the dawn,
I tread forward, yet my gaze is drawn,
To the shadows behind, to the days of yore,
A heart in the present, in the past, it soars.

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The Time-Weaver's Tapestry

In shadows cast by ancient suns, the Time-Weaver spun,
A silken thread of history, where tales of old began.
The city hummed with life's embrace, in markets full and rife,
Philosophers and merchants spoke, exchanging thoughts and strife.

The Time-Weaver, from shadows, plucked a thread of glowing hue,
And with a whisper, wove it deft, to merge the old and new.
A cityscape of neon lights, where holograms took flight,
And mortals danced with circuitry, beneath the starry night.

The ancient streets and future lanes, entwined in strange duet,
A paradox of eras crossed, and fates forever met.
The reader's eyes, enraptured, traced each line of ink and code,
A swirling storm of time and space, where past and present flowed.

A tapestry of mythic beasts emerged from depths untold,
As dragon's fire met cyborg's gaze, in stories yet unrolled.
The Time-Weaver wove a world, where magic met machine,
A dreamscape drenched in wonder, in colors yet unseen.

The reader's breath, now stolen, by the beauty of the blend,
As time collapsed upon itself, the beginning met the end.
The Time-Weaver's face, a secret shrouded, hidden from the light, A question whispered through the ages, day entwined with night.

And in the final stanza, as the threads of time unspooled,
The reader saw the Time-Weaver's truth, unveiled and unruled.
The weaver's face, a mirror's gaze, reflecting their own,
A call to weave their story, as the seeds of time were sown.

A once-in-a-century masterpiece, the threads of fate unfurled,
Quantum Echoes of a Time-Weaver, through space and time they whirled. The reader, now the architect of dreams and worlds combined, A testament to the human heart, and the brilliance of the mind.

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I will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts. Just as a surgeon must sometimes cause pain to promote healing, my aim is to aid your growth, however challenging that may be.

Appearances can be deceptive; just because someone seems to have it all together doesn't mean they are truly healthy. They may just be skilled actors.

As a person who has worked in addiction counseling, I have come to learn this. Mistakes are part of recovery, what family and friends need to understand is when that person who is making mistakes stops moving forward that's when recovery stops.

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