Late October

Late October Biography

Nothing spectacular.

Far more important things happening in the world, issues to address to so I feel uncomfortable writing about myself and marketing my egoistic trips, jokes, personal childish writing-of dilemmas. I'm trying to keep it in a private sphere. Hope I'm not hurting or discurage anybody by my writing and my personal attitude. Of course, absolutely feeling great if somebody gets inspired by the lyrics.

Greetings from Kasni Listopadski.

The Best Poem Of Late October

Don't Ask Us

I asked my depressed mother one day..

Why did you guys marry?

Desperate to understand
The cold marriage they had

Cause he was percistant - she said

I went on to ask my father the same
Looking for him,
I heard the water coming from the bathroom

Opened the door
Shocked by the scene!

The same place the rest of us
Wash our hands and teeth
The guy was washing his Johnny
In the bathroom sink..

Late October Comments

Khairul Ahsan 31 August 2020

I love your World Cup Football Team and also your Football loving President.

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Luka Dežmalj 30 July 2020

Maybe the most accurate translation of the alias Kasni Listopadski would be Late October ish .

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Late October Popularity

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