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Splash Of Water

Deeper and deeper
i sink into this hell at home
the phone is ringing
someone's knocking at the door

The Dead Man's Song

The man who sits on death row
waiting for his turn
praying that the court jury
exposes his true innocence


would you give up your dreams
to someone who would never have the chance?
would you give up your life
to give someone one more chance?

Disappearing (Pretend)

break these boundaries
leave the simplicity behind
i'm who i have to be
not who i'd like to (like to)

The Child In Me

Everytime i laugh,
it's her childish laugh
everytime i sing,
it's her childish song

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I go to Villa Park High School in Villa Park, California. It sucks. To put it nicely. I love to write and play guitar and sing and act. I am so in love with acting (if that's possible.)

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