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The cemetery flowers you gave me as a Birthday present,
I still keep them with me.
A cheap calla flower bouquet.
Tied to a box of sticky chocolates.

3 am.
There is a Ventriloquist in the cherry glass of mine.
Pulling out a puppet.
Created it of silk and shivers.

Tempus moriendi
Lakes turned into drops.
Thirsty for some love.
Dried out from the last sunbeam.



You know I never say a word.
Everybody thinks to know about me.

They say love comes easily like butterflies in may.
Am I the only one tasting the agony while breaking free?
I want to live, beg to breathe but need your voice like a sailor needs the sea.

I feel the same as the pavement on that we turn circles.
Thousand people are crossing me.
Concrete sea.

I loved you ten thousand years ago.
When it was even not a word.
No statement was written on a coffee mug.
No blood on a sword.

Live was freely when we still dreamed of our aim.
It tasted better and higher.
Spirit no human could tame.

People we loved so deeply.
Once we did even not acknowledge it.
Will all become ghosts one day.
Part of our remembrance or pieces of the earth beneath our feet.


A flower can be a thorn.
A mouse can be a monster.
A leaf can be the dust of time.
A water drop can be the tears of mine,


The only things that will remain.
Are a coffin made of glass and memories that stay the same.
Wood will turn to dust and same will your fingertips.
Flowers break through to breathe the rest of the love from it.

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Cemetery Flowers:

The cemetery flowers you gave me as a Birthday present,
I still keep them with me.
A cheap calla flower bouquet.
Tied to a box of sticky chocolates.
From the 24/7 supermarket right next to my windowsill.
Waiting for some supernatural sunbeam to shine on.
Maybe I want to transform some flowers into a companion.
Reminding me of how life used to taste when things always seemed to be perfect.

It is two in the morning.
Outside, the world is quiet as the leftovers of fried chicken in my oven.
Inside it isn't much better anyway.
Just a silent conversation with mister X.
He used to live in my head.
Tonight, he doesn't want to talk with me, as I study the headlines.
Some melting ice, fighting civilization, and pictures of dying trees.

Whispering with the TV, sing along with my new coffee cup.
They do not want to speak. Neither one reach out to me.
The ticking clock went to sleep earlier today.
Dinner for two, me and my new pair of teddy-bear shoes.

I feel your white blossoms staring at me.
Waiting to gleam through.
Ready to stay awake, for a small talk with some shortbread and the chocolates you gave me.
"I do not like your reminder of my mortality with each of your leaves".
"It feels like some skin inked truths".

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'Materialism is like a gold chain around your neck, it's shimmery and shiny, but it's still a chain'.

I´d rather be a clear drop of rain than an ocean made of lies. I´d rather be a colourful leaf than a tree with weak roots. I´d rather be mine than yours instead.

As a writer, you not only write but bleed words.

Diversity is not a modern age noun. It is the quintessence of existence.

A brave person is a person that climbs the hill of life while trying to conquer fear with each step.

Life is like a flower, if you don't water it, you will fade away and turn to dust.

Eyes are the truest storytellers. Look into someone's eyes and you will find books filled with love, pain and suffering.

Sometimes we are the puppet and puppeteer at the same time. Hanging on invisible threads, while trying to figure out how to live.

We have learned how to fly like birds. We have built cars and have crossed the moon but still don't figure out what happiness consists of.

In the end, there is only mother nature.

As long you breathe, you should be the person you always wanted to be.

Words are the most powerful source of human interaction. They create love, freedom, and liberty in the same way they can cause hate and pain.

A strong woman is like a thunderstorm and sunbeam at the same time. Unpredictable, free as the wind, beautiful, dangerous and aware of her ability to change the world.

You cannot distract a willing person from reaching their aim like you cannot stop the moon from shining.

The worst type of silence is that screaming one that haunts you down and drives you crazy. Knocks against the walls of your mind and speaks while nobody else is hearing.

I only wanted to make you proud. Gave you the feathers we never had while penguins washed ashore. Making us proud is the only thing that turns circles around my head.

Of all trees in the forest, the lone tree is the strongest one.

People who offer me an honest smile from within are more precious than diamonds or gold ever can be.

A heart that doesn't embrace nature's beauty hardens until it turns to dust.

While some people see the moon as a stone, others realize it is a magical shining ball that enlightens even the darkest night.

Don't speak in anger, most likely you will regret it the next morning.

Imaginary friends are often the most loyal ones.

Sometimes it is easier to fall in love with a person than to trust deeply. Like the water trusts the sea. Like the moon trusts the sun.

A soulmate is a person that sees through your thousand faces and loves the real you when the masquerades are falling.

Art is more than just an emotional expression. It is my oxygen, my invisible twin, third hand and torchlight in the dark.

So that seed grows into a strong tree, it takes decades of time, thunder, hail and storm. We can only turn stronger through the experiences and pain we go through. Build with the years a stronger self.

You only find strength in the depths of life. First, when all the other lights are faded, we learn to glow alone.

I'd rather learn from nature than from humans. We still don't know how to live together, while plants and animals work together to create an ecosystem.

In memories, we taste life a thousand times.

A person who talks too much has not much to say.

I will build doors through walls when people don't give me a chance. I will crawl to the mountaintop if I am too tired to climb. I will become the lone wolf because I need to.

Artists find inspiration in the insanity of situations. Heartbreak is used as the hand of creation. It creates purple rivers, black flowers and icy sunrises.

A pessimist is a person that had endured pain ten thousand times before and became tired of the thorns.

The most important words are the words we tell each day ourselves.

Writing is the process of creation. The earth had its big bang. A story has its own made from caring hands.

Our sweet home is made up of memories.

Maybe we don't fly to the mountain top but climb each step. So we can enjoy the view all by ourselves and learn about our true strengths.

For an artist, art is not a hobby. It is an obsession. It is the air we breathe. The partner we spent 24 hours a day with. It is the desire at our fingertips to create.

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