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To keep me sane
I must go on without you.
But believe me when I say
It's a tough act to go through.

This is getting so confusing
what is a girl to do?
I am crazy about him
but I am in love with you.

The silence is killing me

Please give me a sign.

Doesn't it bother you
that you make me feel so low.
You keep pushing me to the edge
and I'm about ready to let go

They say an eye for an eye

can leave the whole world blind.

I feel the wind on my face
but there is no breeze.
I try to forget,
but my mind is never at ease.

How quickly time has passed

And how we became out of touch.

Look at you
Then look at me
People wondered
How could it even be?

I have made many mistakes
which I deeply regret.
I have failed so much
that it is impossible to forget.

I catch myself in a memory
sad just like the rest.
You kept breaking my heart
and putting me through this cruel test.

The truth seems overrated
and the lies never end.
The way you played the game
to you, it was all pretend.

Our love lead to pain
and every feeling in between.
Soulmates are not real
when they crush your dreams.


Addicted to your touch
I am lost in your eyes.
My heart slowly beats
as I come to realize.

I cannot get too close
or too attached to this.
It starts with a glance
and I could not resist the kiss.

Your words mean nothing
and I have heard every excuse before
Apology after apology
I just cannot take it anymore.

If my dreams came true
I would not be crying.
If they came true
I would not feel like I am dying.


This story we share
the ups and downs we have had.
Through the light and the dark,
the good and the bad.

If only things were different
if only they were fair,
we would not feel alone
and like no body cared.

This will not be easy
and there will be times when we want to quit.
Even though we drive each other crazy
we are the perfect fit.

Love is marvelous thing they say
but true love means so much more.
It is a feeling like no other
I have never really felt it before.

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Many of my poems were written back in high school starting in 2005 and I have been writing poems since. Many are about past breakups, heartaches, friends heartaches, finding love, and all the other craziness that comes along with life.)

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Thin Air

To keep me sane
I must go on without you.
But believe me when I say
It's a tough act to go through.

I think about you always
Wonder how you have been.
You just kept pushing me away
when I begged to be let in.

But love cannot be forced
Perhaps you are scared.
I know you have been hurt before
But never so much have I cared.

Sometimes though when you care too much
You must set yourself free.
And so that is what I must do now,
to try and keep the peace.

I will always love you
And if you ever need me, I'll be there.
Now I'll keep my distance
And disappear into thin air.

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Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light - Albus Dumbledore

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