Kumarmani Mahakul Life Poems

Life Has A Meaning

We think forever for salvation,
We cannot live in separation.
Father is great solves situation,
Continuous is human migration.

This Is The Family Life

This is the life which is full of care,
Persons like this attitude are found rare.
Tolerance is too difficult to bear in body,
Such persons are there to speak truth ready.

Earthbound Life

Earth moves round the sun and has gravity,
It attracts things towards its related trinity.
To lead life there is water, air, sustenance,
Cold and hot is such here a life has tolerance.

Life Is A Train To Arrive

We travel visit and return,
Through journey we learn.
Beautiful moments does tell,
Time in mind rings new bell.

Life Is Uncertain

Life is uncertain but unlimited,
Ultimate path we search is limited.
We visit this earth many times,
We hear eagerly the sure rhymes.

Quiddity Of Life

Quacking is not good always leave it,
Quack you have to leave in certain treat.
Quash those are bad always follow good,
Quirk is the mind, bring it to right mood.

Capricious life sees beauty of day of full moonlight,
Night has worn garland of stars around full neck,
Around a single full moon, there are many stars,
We are counting them age after age with calmness.

Managing Life

This is an art of love
This is a science of living
This is a culture of mind
Kindness speaks here sure

What Is Life

Life exists in a body that is alive,
A life exits from body is death or leave.
Life is soul that leaves the body,
A body leaves turn clothes and the shady.

World Water Sails Life

World water sails life,
As it flows in river and smiles in well,
Waste you not, oh dear traveller,
Every drop is important

Filling Light In Life

I am filling light of wisdom
In my life sure to nourish
I have to travel eternal path
So I am getting ready sure.

Magnificence In Life

Life is beautiful and life is precious,
Life is nice gift by God on Earth,
He has given us much freedom,
Only we need to lead for right duty.

Road - Life (Haynaku - 7)

up down
march ahead wisely.
Sorrow, happiness like

Life Without Tension

Very often many people say
'Tension, hi this is tension.'
Some people lead lives
With tension and tension,

Fact Of Life

Every effect has cause and every cause has effect,
It is the fact of life nobody can refuse and react.
Good deeds have good results we do admit,
Evil deeds have evil fruits nature does permit.

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