Muzahidul Reza Life Poems

Introspecting Life - Abecedarian

Introspecting Life - Abecedarian
December 4, 2017

A bird in heart usually sings for the whole lifetime

Haiku - Life

A running fountain
Slowly, steadily, swiftly
Flows but never stops.

Life Without Contentment - A Tercet

Bee without hive
Woman and man in time without husband and wife
Without contentment in life.

Water In Life (Free Verse)

Your land is dry, barren and hard
And going to be desert
How will you make it cultivable?
Have you water?

Epigram - Bio - Logy (Study Of Life)

Bios > bio is life
Logy is to study
So biology is to study life;

Life Of A Bird(Rhyme Royal Or Rime Royale In Heroic Couplet)

By your land I reside
From your food I eat,
I lay egg and rear kid
Protector is my God,

Birds' Life (Tanka)

Rain falls
The birds take shelter in trees
There they get food too;
How wonderful birds' life!

For Life And Soul

Seasons have no reasons
These come and go,
In these he, you and I do
How much we do and know

Ode To Life

Life, my daily pulsatile life
My dreamy, inventive, joyous and rustic life,
How are you like?
Give me your full identity that I can like;

With The Muse Of Peace In Life

No fight
No hide
Come to light
Embrace to befriend

Song Of Life

I do listen to a song
After understanding
I do take well action
Then it is good song,

Mottos Of Life

Sense the situations
Take arrangements
As human life is
For nothing

Friend In Life

The friend what does
In life much
Many understand
Many cannot,

The Great Life

The spirit of life and mind
Is love,
The spirit of soul and whole
Is love,

The Life In Amour

Life is the life in amour
The amour in life with nature
Amour with creature
Amour with mankind

First In Life And Time

New born learns walking, speaking
Trembling, stammering;

New apprentice learns thing

Social Life

Spitting to the sky is to the spitters' body
In the visible space is clear truth
To all in the vast, easy and complex world;

Experiences Help To Cover The Craggy Paths Of Life

Rowing to the current
And opposite to the current
Are not the same
Many think,

Life In Time

Life in time, time holds live in
Life starts journey by time,
Time is counted as morning
Noon, afternoon, evening, night

I Rejoice The Life

I rejoice the life
When see the oppressed and the deprived
Get their every right,

To Do For Life

Go ahead
Look behind
See the difference
How much promotion!

In Life

Life is, above all
In body stays soul
"Alive" call people
Dream for something

Desire For A Second Life After The First One

The sun has turned
Me into desert
No trees
No grasses,

Dream For Life

Dream well and real dreams
You may be leaders
May be dealers
May be service holders

Life And Color

Life and color
Everyone does have

Life In Earth

In world hall
At mid rings
Twice bell,

Now Love And Life

Once love was like lively river
Full of flow and water
Made both sides green land
All living beings happily lived;

Meaning Of Life

Some say, "Life is
No bless no curse"
To them, it is a farce
A mere short noise;

Human Life

Human life firstly
On the earth
Then finally
After the ruin of the earth,

Life - 1

It is a river then
Does zigzag on
Origin to ocean
Lifelong flown,

Equal Or More Or Less In Human Life

I see a man crying by the road
Alone or surrounded by a crowd,
I see that man laughing in a boat
With some fellow men around,

Life Story

Around the sun rise when I get up
Starts my day's work
The big dial measures my work and time
Tells me when is nine, noon or afternoon;

Life Observation

What is the life for?
A difficult question,

Live is not for enjoyment

Life Without Proper Odor And Motion

Life without proper odor
Is but origami flower,
Life without proper motion
Is but element made doll

Life And Death

Life is a course that
Starts from birth
Ends in death
We call life and death,

Gaining For Life

Gaining precious things for life is not so easy many think
Often one has to face vast ocean, much water like situations
With tidal surges, storms, cyclones and hurricanes
Full of current and life threatening high waves

Trees In Life

Trees are empowered
To be our suppliers
Let's care of them that
They are our family members

To Win In The Life Contest

Life is a big field
Need properly till
Weed out, manure
Well seed, water


My Rhyme, let me see
Whether life has a key,
I foresee, Rhyme foresees
Yes, it has a key, Rhyme cries

Human Life And Fight

Day and night mankind
Fight doing and being this, that
But for what they fight
Many do not know causes exact,

Life - 2

As miracle
As practical
As memorable
As wonderful

From Life

Some researches were done
For an experiment
From human life history
The result came

Life And Soul

So far is concerned about human and all other life and soul
From the aspects of accepted philosophies
Positive science, universal and natural studies and religion
Life starts from soul period under God's control

The Secret In Life

I see you, you see me
But no one can see the key
To open you and me
Though always we cry hey! hey!

How Life Is For Life (Tanka)

Life is for life when
Some help other in danger
That is to serve when
They use their brain for other

Life Is Wonder And Living Is Strange (Free Verse)

A moving tree having various sections of branches
Of hope, despair, success, failure, vices and virtues
That inwards roots and outwards the saplings grow
With a course in mysterious way of moving to and fro

Life And Daffodil

A lifelong process
That lifelong obsesses
With lifelong failure
Or lifelong success,

Her Life And Likings (Anacreontic Verse)

Her Life And Likings - Anacreontic Verse
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She was born

Life And Art

Life is art is
No life no art
Practically, Spiritually,

Life Is A Running Epic

Life is in a frame
often treated as a game
no scope to leave
but to start tramping

Error Success