Lilly Rose

Lilly Rose Poems

1. Dance With Me 9/15/2009
2. Ecstasy 9/15/2009
3. Austrailia 9/15/2009
4. Realization 9/15/2009
5. Reflection 9/15/2009
6. Solace 9/17/2009
7. Dance Sweetie 9/17/2009
8. Footprints In Your Memory 9/17/2009
9. You'Re Not Forgotten 9/18/2009
10. Rose-Colored Glasses 9/27/2009
11. Wind And Earth 1/11/2010
12. Dreaming Of Your Touch 1/11/2010
13. Destruction Of Humanity 1/11/2010
14. From The Cover Of A Magazine 1/11/2010
15. In The Company Of Elegance 2/16/2010
16. Love: The Spiteful Whore 2/16/2010
17. Colour 2/16/2010
18. Waltzing To The Sound Of The Sunset 4/6/2010
19. Musican's Expression 4/27/2010
20. Hope: She Wears White 4/27/2010
21. Dreaming Of Sydney 4/27/2010
22. Tree 4/27/2010
23. Kiss Him And Run 4/27/2010
24. Brighten Up The Sunshine 4/27/2010
25. Sanity: The Last Sliver Of A Promised Heart 5/21/2010
26. Untitled 1/11/2010
27. Apathy 2/16/2010
28. Gravity's Toy 2/16/2010
29. Lilly And The Rain 2/16/2010
30. Keeper Of The Lighthouse 2/16/2010
31. Curse Of The Rich And Famous 2/16/2010
32. I Want To Bathe In The Moonlight 2/16/2010
33. Dear Ex- Lover, 1/11/2010
34. Storm's Love 3/24/2008

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Best Poem of Lilly Rose

Storm's Love

Shock is an anesthesia…
The calm before the storm,
The numbness I felt by his parting.

Realization is a Pop-up…
Alerting you to the storm’s arrival,
Reading, “He’s not coming back.”

Grief is a downpour…
Drenching you in salty rain,
Revealing my weakness to all.

Loathing is Zeus…
Lightning flashes of rage,
My lashing out with no purpose.

Ignorance is the wind…
Whispering tales of the past,
Silently begging for my suicide.

Memory is a teddy bear…
Tattered, but special,
The pain was worth the love.

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And the raging winds of change
Are blowing across the air.
For when realization hits home,
Another heart shall break.
Denial is a grand ol’ thing
But the frail rope of hope
May only tether you to the shore
Until its thin threads break.
And we must find our own way
In the spinning current of the world.

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