Linda Moore Poems

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' The Great I Am'

In the dark still of night, a peaceful sleep
Jesus watches over, a vigil he keeps
He knows the wolf howling in the night
He sends it running, for him no fight

$$ Money $$

Money hard earned
Money to burn
Money flowing freely
Money held by the greedy

A Mother's Prayer

Help me Lord now to teach
Do not let my child be out of reach
Keep me strong, guide me to my best
Hold tight the boundaries, that they test


Peaceful people of Peaceful ways
Bowed heads of sorrow and dismay
So many lost, lead astray
Humanity crumbles in decay


For the Love of the children who become lost in suffering, cry
Because they live with war, cry
Because they are hungry, cry
Because they live with disease, cry


Intervening periods of time, an interlude, living all inclusive
No part do you elude, not one of us exclusive
It brings benediction and blessing
Sends sorrow, worry, distressing

.killing Takes No Reprieve

Singing voices of children full of glee
Stacked high, toys under a Christmas tree
The Family's here, those far and near
Glasses are raised in toast and cheer

.the Gift

.soul Mate

An eternal burning flame, Love remembers.
Eyes meet and Soul knows its Mate.
Together or apart, Love remains.
Cheek to cheek, hand in hand,

.where The Blue Kisses Green

Glancing off to the distance, horizons set for me
There is a point where vivid green meets the deep blue of Sea
Feet bare to touch the green, first one, then the other
To the Quite place, unencumbered by the clutter

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