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Rating: 2.8

Peaceful people of Peaceful ways
Bowed heads of sorrow and dismay
So many lost, lead astray
Humanity crumbles in decay

Yet! Hope still lives though battle weary
Wipes the sweat from eyes that still see clearly
Unrelenting, gives no ground
Hopes voice, a reverberating sound

On the right is Love, at the left stands Peace
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Sameer Ahmed 25 December 2008

Hope lives forever.........These verses have conveyed a very needed message to all those who have stopped looking for options around them and hide themselves behind blind pelts..........its really a stimulating poem for these directionless people and can set new trends in their lives by keeping their hopes alive....Love and peace indeed expunge any malicious constituent from the planet.....A very thought provoking poem Ms. Linda......absolute 10....Best Regards

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Bursting with beauty. A battle is not usually seen as beautiful but your pen has painted a very picturesque picture here. Keep it up!

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Chitra - 20 December 2008

uplifting lines waeving the quilt of hope will definitely help us all cope

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C.R. Clark 16 December 2008

A wonderful, uplifting message of hope.'A horde stands at the hills crest, love hope peace they cannot best' How true. Even though at times it may be difficult to be positive, I truly believe that Good, ultimately wins over evil. Thanks. I give this one a 10. Richard

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Ron Flowers 16 December 2008

A beauriful uplifting poem. A 10 from me. Ron

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C. P. Sharma 08 March 2010

All said so beautifully. Life is a battle to fight out Those survive who are stout. CP

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Lynn Glover 17 August 2009

Very well written poem, the subject is terrific. I have always felt the anyone can write down their thoughts, but it takes a true Poet to write them down and have them rhyme. The rhythem of your poetry is God given. I enjoyed reading and will continue to read them as time permits. Thanks Lynn

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Meggie Gultiano 18 June 2009

Words of wisdom you've shared here, Linda. A powerful message. thank you for this lovely write. God bless you, Meggie

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Ron Flowers 27 December 2008

Well done, Linda. We need more of this kind of thinking throughout the world. Wishing you peace and love Ron

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Andrew Blakemore 25 December 2008

A wonderful poem of hope Linda and a real treasure to read. Best wishes, Andrew

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