A Mother's Prayer Poem by Linda Moore

A Mother's Prayer

Rating: 5.0

Help me Lord now to teach
Do not let my child be out of reach
Keep me strong, guide me to my best
Hold tight the boundaries, that they test
Let them grow to Old and Wise
Do not let a mistake be their demise
Not thinking, the danger in immediate pleasure
Help me show my Love, let them know they are my Treasure
Bring us together on common ground
Keep the body safe, their mind sound
Let them grow to understand
Lord keep them in your Loving hand

Rani Turton 03 June 2008

A prayer that most mothers would know...thanks for this wonderful poem that emphatizes with maternal love.

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James B. Earley 15 June 2008

You paint a vivid portrait my friend!

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Bonnie Collins 12 September 2008

Very nice prayer written for every mother universal I am sure, and you know, it goes beyond growing, as we as mothers always worry into our grave for we only wish to have what is best for our children.... Very nicely presented! ! Bonnie

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Albert Wong 20 September 2008

A good standard mother's praying form, with rhymes on it, let the God hear easy.A standarized poem, I usually offer for good enough one is 10.

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Koyel Mitra 28 September 2008

Very nice prayer with lovely rhyming.A 10!

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Vinod Kumar 21 February 2010

Right track towards the Holiness of Almighty, contemporerly Essential...., Nice 10+

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Kesav Easwaran 08 May 2009

you can't have a better Mother's prayer than this...wonderful words wise full of love and concern...a prayer universal..10

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wow u leave me speechless..amazing poem! brilliant truly brilliant

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Vinod Ak 18 April 2009

wow! heartfelt expression! mother is indeed God in disguise! 10++++

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Meggie Gultiano 05 February 2009

a mother's prayer is powerful, and i am sure your prayers are answered.A beautiful prayer, that comes from a beautiful mother.

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