Linda Sonrisa Poems

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My Husband

You're my husband
What I'll never meet
You're my husband
What I'll neve see close to me

Secret Love

She feels so tender feelings to him
He - indifferent to her
She saw him in beautiful dream
He - only the nightmare without her

Loving Heart

I wont screem
I wont let my pains out too loud
I will silently cry
When you will give your heart to another girl

No Matter

No matter
What my mind will say
I don't care
What will others say


You are the mountain
what I can't reach
All the time I look on it's top
All the time I try to search


I have a beautiful dream
In a clear night when I sleep
My room is full with candlelight
It shines so romanticaly bright

My Love

Love as deep as the deepest sea
In my eyes like in a mirror you can see
Only you are too far from me
You will never fell in love with me