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1. I'd Be Your Beloved 1/25/2018
2. You're My Rousing 1/25/2018
3. How To Hide The Mirror 1/25/2018
4. I Can't Forget You 1/25/2018
5. I Want To Be Held 1/25/2018
6. Because Of You 1/25/2018
7. You're My Shine 1/25/2018
8. I'm Alright 1/25/2018
9. Pain Of Separation 1/25/2018
10. Hopelessly In Love 1/25/2018
11. Teenage Girl 1/26/2018
12. Young Fighter 1/26/2018
13. Love Falls With Tears 1/26/2018
14. Smile Please! 1/27/2018
15. Let's Be All Together 1/27/2018
16. Now Give Me Some Love 1/27/2018
17. Storm Of Life And Youth 1/28/2018
18. A Real Friend 1/28/2018
19. Dark And Moonbeam 1/31/2018
20. Smiley Dream Girl 1/31/2018
21. Asking For A Wife 2/1/2018
22. The Greatest Promise 2/1/2018
23. When You'll Be Mine 2/1/2018
24. Happy Smiley 2/1/2018
25. Something Is Wrong 2/2/2018
26. I'm Really Sad 1/26/2018
27. A Suicide Note 2/3/2018
28. Welcome Or Goodbye 2/4/2018
29. The Sun With Dreams 2/5/2018
30. If You Love Me 2/6/2018
31. I'm Just Upset 2/7/2018
32. The Reflection 2/26/2018
33. We're The Bright Sun 3/3/2018
34. Take The Morning 3/13/2018
35. The Rain Will Come 3/25/2018
36. I Still Love Your Hurting 4/14/2018
37. Make Me Friend To Everyone 4/14/2018
38. I Have To Get Out 2/15/2018
39. You Want Money 2/19/2018
40. Thanks, My Poet Friends 5/9/2018

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Best Poem of Lure Pot

I Melt Into You

Your shadow is like the clouds
In my desert sky
Your smile is the morning shine
At my lazy door
I will never lift myself up
If I can't see you anymore.
I need you so much in my life
That's probably why.

I am just a body but you're its soul
And one and only heart
I am just a bird and you're its song
And free wings
I can't think of a new day without you
And your silent art.
Take it easy, I really love you
Please don't be shy!

I'm just alone and you're like raindrops
And falling on my lips
I'm just the wave but you're its ...

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How To Hide The Mirror

These eyes can be turned back
But the mind cannot be turned back
How to hide the mirror of my heart
Because you're so sweet this rainy day
Like some days you were so apart
Its seems to me, I'd touch you anyway

It's raining, come on to me sweet rainy girl
Touch me with your shyness I'm emotional

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