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A Question Of My Own Mortality

Time seemed interminable.
A curious and inexplicable apprehension came over me,
As I sat in an elderly care home waiting to visit a friend.
The atmosphere was heavy with quiet confusion.

Within My Heart


When all supply was in the hands of Cause,
Effect was molten primal chaos, held
Within a universal cauldron, rest
Was given to consider what the blend

A Father

I looked into the face of this new life,
I thought of what a father had to be;
Provider for his family, all its needs;
A strong example for his child to see;

The Honeymoon

We stepped across the threshold, she and I,
Her body seemed so weightless pressed to mine.
The setting sun had haloed her dark hair,
A tender, loving warmth had filled her eyes.

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Bri Edwards 12 July 2018

a fine gentleman, a WWll veteran, a rare poet, a devoted human, a friend of mine on PH. my best wishes to him in his 'last days' amongst us; he may be gone to his reward already. of course i'll probably never know 'cause I CERTAINLY will never see him THERE! I'll be elsewhere! ! ! bri edwards aka brian edward whitaker (in the real world) :)

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