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The Hare In The Woods

Wizened horse chestnuts and overlords of oak
dally with a canopy of glorious beeches,
knotted roots intertwine so everything
touches, and offers from silver birch balcony
a view of the long limbs of the leveret
protruding behind a tuft of bracken,
the way he moves like a rabbit in a hat
contortioned in slippery silks,
his restless feet and twitching ears
sparkle like honey-dewed satin,
his dark eyes reflect the perspective.
Nose as sensitive as a sniffer dog,
he’s done the wire border, the electric gate,
he has to circumnavigate the way he entered.
The common sense of habitats,
squirrels feathering alongside tree creepers,
bats in dormitories, mice in mazes,
a zillion insects under sawn-off logs,
I dismiss the illusionist and save his grinning image
as a figment of imagination, to share later,
and conjure the tale of the wandering navigator.

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Lynn Woollacott Popularity

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