1. Qualified 11/30/2012
2. Christmas Quest 12/24/2012
3. Why Not? 1/11/2013
4. And A Tombstone 3/1/2013
5. It's Love 3/18/2013
6. A Hasty Funeral Arrangement 3/18/2013
7. Amid The Lights 3/18/2013
8. Working On My Crazy 4/25/2013
9. 4 Days Of Rain 5/4/2013
10. Something Good 5/7/2013
11. Going Green 5/27/2013
12. Stone 5/27/2013
13. It’s A Crazy World We Wake To 5/4/2013
14. It's Dark! 10/30/2013
15. Fingerprints 11/1/2013
16. 24 Hours To Live 5/4/2013
17. Gravy 12/9/2012
18. A Waste Of Space 2/8/2013
19. The Mimosa Tree 3/18/2013
20. A Sunday Morning Love Song 3/18/2013
21. (gun Control Poems) An Innocent Bystander 12/25/2012

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(gun Control Poems) An Innocent Bystander

Had a long chat with a hand gun today,
Quite a misunderstood fellow,
He said he had so much he wanted to say,
Shockingly meek and mellow,
Parted with two bullets yesterday,
The others were home feeling yellow,
Bullets long to be lead astray,
Their chance to jump out and bellow.

With bullets as friends who needs enemies?
Handgun was somewhat amused,
Mumbled about weak peace treaties,
Insisted his family were used,
Cried for JFK's and King's memories,
John Lennon still had him bemused,
I avoided World War inquiries,
Locked him and he...

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Christmas Quest

Lost in the plastic and advertising,
The bottomless corporate greed,
The birthday wish we are glamorizing,
All the numbers, the nuts and the need,
With whom are you truly fraternizing
Stringing lights upon your creed?
The miles of gift wrap are satirizing
The bright star over every balm of gilead.

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