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1. Deluge 6/16/2013
2. Five Triplets 6/16/2013
3. I Want To Write Poems Like Hen Laying Eggs, But... 6/16/2013
4. Beneath Your Skies 6/16/2013
5. As The Third Eye Opens 6/16/2013
6. A Reeling For All 6/16/2013
7. Let Us Have Mummies Of Our Present As Well 6/16/2013
8. My Seasons Have No Concerns.. 6/16/2013
9. Shelter Home 6/16/2013
10. Tears 6/16/2013
11. The Arrow Shot Without An Archer 6/16/2013
12. The Confessors 6/16/2013
13. The Frown Of The Other Roses 6/16/2013
14. The Girl Who Loved Her Own Shadow 6/16/2013
15. The Paradox 6/16/2013
16. If I Were God 6/16/2013
17. Translating Our Thoughts.... 6/16/2013
18. When My Dreams Say, ' We Are No More There' 6/16/2013
19. The Irony Of Kedarnath 6/22/2013
20. The Road Never To Be Taken 6/22/2013
21. A Race Of Newer Times 6/22/2013
22. An Escapist`s Reasons 6/22/2013
23. The Woman In The Village 6/16/2013
24. To A Student In Plight 6/16/2013
25. Vast Empire And Fallen Throne 6/16/2013
26. Who Makes The Better Pair? 6/16/2013
27. The Street Dogs 6/16/2013
28. The Pain Of Being God 6/16/2013
29. The Mind Of A Woman And Three Other Things 6/16/2013
30. Summer Triplets 6/16/2013
31. The Crescent Moon 6/16/2013
32. The Irony Of Life And A Little More 6/16/2013
33. The Final Judgment 6/16/2013
34. Kissing A Misfortune 6/16/2013
35. A Veiled Face 6/16/2013
36. A Pilgrim`s Elevation! 6/16/2013
37. The Other Side Of It... 6/16/2013
38. An Army Of Pathos 6/16/2013
39. All About Two Friends 6/16/2013
40. My Baby You Laugh On... 6/16/2013
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Happy New Year To Dear Poem Hunter Friends..

Happy new year to you all..
Leave alone the degrees of its variation.
Happy new year to you
Because you are all dear to me.

Happy new year to Ms Valsa George the silent performer,
Happy new year to Ms Daine Hine the rare observer,
Happy new year to Mr Unwriiten Soul the re collector,
Happy new year to Mr Tirupathi Chandrupatla the all rounder.

Happy new year to Ms Shahzia Batool the ocean of thoughts,
Happy new year to Ms Valerie Dohren the nature painter,
Happy new year to Mr Thomas A Robinson the driver on thoughts plain,
Happy new year to Mr ...

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Beneath Your Skies

Beneath your vast skies
I see a kite with all might flying
With the vigil of a sentinel aboard the clouds.
Under the bonsai plants of my dwarfed garden
I lie with closed eyes and begin to dream.

As the skies begin to come down
And I begin to feel the flopping wings of the kite,
My eyes open to see the miracle of

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