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81. Thus Spake A Soldier To His Mistress.. 5/24/2014
82. This May And I - Part 2 5/24/2014
83. The Cage Of Wingless Spirits 4/19/2016
84. Roalaip/2014 - Poetry Contest Called Off 10/3/2014
85. The October Musings... 10/22/2014
86. A Receding River And Me 1/13/2014
87. And Sure Enough I Have To Dive Into A Gloom. 1/19/2014
88. A Visit To Amaravati 1/23/2014
89. Navigation 1/25/2014
90. The Triumph Of Voyager 1 9/14/2013
91. A Breath I Cherish 6/16/2013
92. A Balloon For You All 6/16/2013
93. To The Pupil Who Is In Dilemma 6/29/2013
94. The Irony Of A Concept 6/29/2013
95. A Few Perceptions 7/4/2013
96. Monsoon Triplets 6/24/2013
97. The Wonder Of A Surviving Enigma 7/6/2013
98. A Heaven And Two Hells 6/16/2013
99. Christmas Poem 2014 12/23/2014
100. I Sleep For A Few Dreams 10/26/2014
101. We Were Alone! 1/24/2014
102. Love And Raft 1/23/2014
103. The Irony We Count On... 1/4/2014
104. The Paradox Of A Season 8/20/2014
105. As September 21 Knocks At My Door Once Again... 9/20/2014
106. The Blunders On Nature`s Infinity 7/5/2013
107. India Still Dreams 6/16/2013
108. Where Are You My Lad? 6/27/2013
109. The Abodes Of Gods 6/22/2013
110. A Face With A Difference 6/16/2013
111. My September Musings 9/28/2013
112. The Terror Of November 2013 11/13/2013
113. Kim Jong-Un At It Again 1/27/2014
114. Beautiful, But 1/24/2014
115. What Are You Mr Minister? 1/15/2014
116. A Season Retreats... 8/28/2014
117. The Illusion Of A Knight 8/28/2014
118. A Thought Has To Be There... 8/20/2014
119. I Will Hear You Say... 8/25/2014
120. Gandhi Re Remembered.... 10/1/2014
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Happy New Year To Dear Poem Hunter Friends..

Happy new year to you all..
Leave alone the degrees of its variation.
Happy new year to you
Because you are all dear to me.

Happy new year to Ms Valsa George the silent performer,
Happy new year to Ms Daine Hine the rare observer,
Happy new year to Mr Unwriiten Soul the re collector,
Happy new year to Mr Tirupathi Chandrupatla the all rounder.

Happy new year to Ms Shahzia Batool the ocean of thoughts,
Happy new year to Ms Valerie Dohren the nature painter,
Happy new year to Mr Thomas A Robinson the driver on thoughts plain,
Happy new year to Mr ...

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As The Third Eye Opens

The Third eye of God
Opens as yet another summer,
Across the lands of piled miseries
The flames of the cruel sun beat unravished!

Drought and thirst drive a tusker and a wild cat
Out of their frugile habitats
And the winged beauties fly off their burnt nests
And they all march unto the mouths of death!

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