Mabel Akena Poems

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But Love

kiss me, so I may kiss you back
so I may quench the memory of your lips on mine,
reaffirm your taste, feel the security of your embrace
the familiarity of your warmth

My Side

walk with me
along this lonesome path that flower's line on both sides as the sun caresses their delicate petals
sing to me
upon this treacherous trek, that your voice may be engraved in my mind and the sound of your breathing an unforgettable flute that lulls my humming pulse


How strange it is, this madness I feel
How I long to make it last
But it must be gone from me
Like a euphoric dream,

My Crystal Fountain

Let my crystal fountain tumble like sulphur
And burn impressions into the ground
Whence I stand,
When words have failed me


Wondrous things I hold in this bag,
Memories of days gone
Past that captivates and still has
the power to hold me fast, exhilarate

My Immortal Quest

There times when I feel like I have known this soul before,
known his face with its ridges and lines,
committed it to a long lost memory,
engraved in the unreachable depth's of my soul,

My Knight In Battered Armour

I am a maiden upon a treacherous path
searching in earnest for my knight
I seek not shinning silver armour, that glistens in the sun
nor glorious stallions, in all their vivacious gallop to victory


my lonesome heart's cry, once more fills the empty room,
my mistaken divulgence from the expected,
an unfortunate yet unforgettable lesson,
like voices from the walls that surround me

The Orchid On The Floor

The door slams, I dare not turn
I need not move.
I stand as still as the wind
And the memories flood back.

Blissful Loss

The rain has poured and the wind has blown
Yet from my heart this doubts are neither
Washed nor blown away.

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