My Immortal Quest Poem by Mabel Akena

My Immortal Quest

There times when I feel like I have known this soul before,
known his face with its ridges and lines,
committed it to a long lost memory,
engraved in the unreachable depth's of my soul,
there times when I feel like I have heard the whisper,
of that all to familiar, yet unrecognizably voice
remembered the ring of his bubbling laughter,
float through the confines of its well known environs.
Sometimes, I am sure I've Danced to the rhythm,
of his flattering heart, swayed to its serendipitous discovery,
of an unforgettable treasure.
How it Seems, like life time, after life time,
century after century,
time after time,
our souls are drawn together by a magic,
a force
a phenomena, greater than ourselves.
whether it be in snows bitter cold
, in wars damning sorrow,
in freedoms triumphant roar or discovery's beaming pride
all have come and gone and other's more
and still each time,
mine is a search,
driven by the hazy yet clear notion,
to find the key to my lock, the tune to my dance,
the missing piece, to my puzzle of completeness
and he comes each time never quite the same nor different
he comes in the form of a wandering alien,
an unknown guest, a proverbial stranger
who in time becomes the air I breathe
the reason I live
and the never fading hope, of another life,
shared together.
for the universe could not have chosen another,
whom I would, search for so vehemently, in such earnest.
than the once stranger, who gives meaning,
to my longing souls immortal quest,
to its enduring hope,
to its silent prayer
to be made whole, on each immortal step.
of its daunting quest

Simon Odhiambo 11 September 2012

Aha! another great poem. Nice title. best line for me...'to find the key to my lock, the tune to my dance'

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