Mandi Ducroq Poems

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Innocence stolen without my permission
Innocence gone without my submission

Innocence lost through another's plan


Accept me for who I am
I'll do the same for you
Don't try to change at all
Just to yourself be true

Blue Eyed Stranger

We don't know each other at all
We may as well be on opposite sides of a wall
But I've noticed you and I know you've seen me
I see your sadness and I can't let it be

Just For Today

Just for today I will open my eyes and thank the Universe for one more day
Just for today I will look in the mirror and find one thing I like about myself
Just for today I will smile at a stranger in the traffic
Just for today I will greet someone I don't particularly like - and mean it

I Am...

I am what I am, don’t tell me I’m wrong
I march to my own band, I sing my own song
I don’t judge you because of what you do
As long as to yourself you are true

Just Because

Just because someone says they love you today
Does not mean they will love you forever
Feelings have ways of changing
Promises have ways of breaking


I'm battered, I'm bruised
My heart has been torn
I love and I hate
My emotions are worn

I'Ve Learned

I've learned that no matter how much I want someone
I have to let the decision be theirs
I have to let them come to me
Not force them to be with me

Getting Through

I know my heart is shattered into a million pieces
I know I've lost something valuable, precious and irreplaceable
I know there will be days when I will cry and break and hurt
But I know too that I am strong enough to get through this


Memories locked away forever
A key is found to unlock the treasure
Instead of jewels and gold
Ugliness begins to unfold

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