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Marjorie DeBol DeFazio has written and directed for TV, radio and the stage. Her work includes A Small Corner, Barren Spring, When Women Got the Vote, His name is Adam, and with Patricia Horan, Revolution to Revolution, and “…What Time of Night it is”.

With Anne Brady, she compiled and edited Raising Our Voices, Women Up Through the Ages, a se ...

Marjorie DeBol DeFazio Poems

J-Love In Our Ages Love In Stages

In the first month
Love was tentative
Love was laughter
Love was ecstasy

April Spring

Morning waked to frosty fields
Coltsfoot faces
Smiled at me
From the edges of my road

In The Eighth Decade*

*Birth to 10 is the first decade

Whiskers are growing from my chin
My hair is receding, growing thin

A Casualty Of War

Almost swallowed by the mountain
Pieces darkened by so many snows
Disappear into the brush tangle
Old boards, rusted metal, debris

The 4th Of July

I walked out to see the world on the Forth of July

A sleek black bird with bright, round, yellow eyes
Marched outside my front window

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