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1. Without Hope What Is Faith? 7/6/2012
2. Low Life 8/13/2013
3. The Hidden Flower 7/28/2012
4. Who Believes Me? 7/7/2012
5. The Chosen 7/6/2012
6. The Fountain 7/7/2012
7. The Fallen 7/7/2012
8. Touched Inside 7/14/2012
9. Love Without The Good Part 7/7/2012
10. One Day 7/29/2012
11. The Last Days 7/19/2012
12. The Thief 8/31/2012
13. Lost It 7/19/2012
14. Promised Evil 7/6/2012
15. Doubt 7/14/2012
16. Roll On 7/14/2012
17. Perfect 8/2/2012
18. Helpless 8/31/2012
19. Grey Thoughts 7/21/2012
20. Fly On 8/12/2012
21. So Different 7/14/2012
22. Her Love Is Dead 6/26/2012
23. Waiting 8/13/2012
24. This Thing 7/21/2012
25. Ship Wreck Of Faith 7/6/2012
26. Cold 7/7/2012
27. Words 7/19/2012
28. Empty 6/26/2012
29. Smile 8/12/2012
30. The Last Goodbye 8/6/2012
31. I'M Happy 7/19/2012
32. Still 7/14/2012

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Best Poem of Mark Normand


Alone again inside it seems.
With plastic friends and broken dreams.
I sit in empty darkness beyond measure.
Today just like so many things.
Has ended lost and incomplete.
I failed to reach the special place I treasure.
True happiness is what I seek.
Still I remain a lucid freak.
I write of life with no real love or pleasure.
I write because if I would scream.
No one would hear the words from me.
I'm lost inside this dark cold world forever.

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Today just like so many days I waste away to nothing.
Standing here, frozen by fear, I feel I must do something.
The light within has grown so dim; the sunshine of my being.
A cold grey darkness fills my soul; an empty lifeless feeling.
I try to smile and lift my eyes and think a happy thought.
My thinking is dead and I find instead; all happiness is lost.
Where is the life I had as a child the happy free existence?
Gone away, leaving me to face life where hope seems missing.

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