Beauty Queen Or Garden Gnome? Poem by Mary Nagy

Beauty Queen Or Garden Gnome?

You say that you can picture me sitting in my chair.
What is it that you picture when you look from over there?
Do you envision beauty or an ugly, wrinkled hag?
Does my skin give off a glow or do my wrinkles sag?

It's strange to think you picture someone you've never seen.
I could be short and squatty or maybe tall and lean.
What is the face that's given to represent this poem?
Is it of a beauty queen or just a garden gnome?

Herbert Nehrlich1 01 June 2005

Mary, the true home of garden gnomes is the Fatherland. Not Norway, it gets way too cold there and their pointed beenies don't cover the ears. H

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earyt etr 06 June 2005

Rhythym and Rhyme are great as always, and the message you attempt to prtray here is read loud and clear from miles away. Another Excellent addition to the Magnificence that is your Poetry.

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A Harrie 20 August 2005

I love this one, I had a smile, so easy to have a mental picture but how true are they?

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Tears In Rain 29 August 2005

I see you as BOTH and then some.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 31 May 2005

Haiku to fit this poem: No gnome could sit there and emanate your beauty that lives in your words. Mary, this is very nice and for a minute I imagined that you were talking to me. Best wishes H

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Will Barber 07 May 2006

I thought you projected cheerful energy full of kindness and wisdom, which makes one beautiful.

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Brian Dorn 03 May 2006

Mary, it shouldn't really matter, but I do often wonder the same thing. Excellent write! ! Brian

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Scarlett Treat 07 February 2006

Sorry, your picture is posted at the top of this site - no garden gnome there. Ha, Ha, Ha! ! Love the poem, becuase we all have web site friends that we love, but cannot put faces to.

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Duncan Wyllie 30 January 2006

Dear Mary I hope that no-one has forgot to try and see us on the inside. Love Duncan

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Herbert Nehrlich1 15 September 2005

Gnomes did not originate in Germany. H

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