~~losing Me~~ Poem by Mary Nagy

~~losing Me~~

The darkness of the pit
is swallowing you in.
I see you looking at me
with that evil, twisted grin.

You know just what you're doing.
You've done it all before.
It kills me when you look at me
while bleeding on the floor.

I've offered you my hand
time and time again.
I've tried to help you change your life.
I've tried to be your friend.

I'll watch you from a distance
but I'll never get too near.
You'd love to take me with you
but my strength you've learned to fear.

If I could help you truly
just to see what you could be.
I'd try ten thousand times again
but I won't risk losing me.

Uriah Hamilton 27 December 2005

Intense, compassionate and wise all at once.

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Shannon Chapel 03 January 2006

Holy moly, girl! This is a very well-written, powerfully poignant piece. KUDOS! Shannon

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I think this is well written, pregnant with meaning and wisdom. I enjoyed reading it.

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Carole (Cookie) Arnold 09 January 2006

Powerful and unbridled truth. Vivid imagery Well done Mary A Joy to read Smiles Cookie

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Jackson Kilroy 09 January 2006

Intense. Very, very intense.

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Roseann Shawiak 16 October 2013

Beautiful poem, I admire your strength in not losing yourself while trying to help someone else.

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Andrew Blakemore 29 October 2008

A poem of great merit, a very emotive work. Well done Mary. Best wishes, Andrew

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Brian Dorn 22 June 2006

Mary, interesting write, ... kind of like saving a drowning victim, if you're not careful, you can drown right along with them. Great poem! Brian

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Jessy Liz 24 February 2006

Beautiful. I see such strength shining through in this. Well done. -JL

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Kiersten Reilly 24 February 2006

I can truly relate to this poem.... it's very good. Kiersten

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