How It’s Done (An Ode Inspired By Fancy Words And Lack Of Outright Flattery) Poem by Masha Danevasha

How It’s Done (An Ode Inspired By Fancy Words And Lack Of Outright Flattery)

Rating: 5.0

I’m tired of waiting for a wordsmith
To capture my immortal beauty in a verse
When one gets struck at last
And pays me homage
I’ll probably be pushing daisies in a hearse

So time has come for larger world to see
Wake up my little drummer boy
‘Tis ME

Cascading curls and fluid lines
Coruscating eyes, seductive smile
Impaling wit, mellifluous voice
(Big words, I know
But it’s and ode,
I have no choice!)

So there you go
Short, sweet, concise
And full of praise,
No mention of a vice
All flattery, down to the letter
C’mon wordsmith, your time to shine
Can you do better?

Well, show me what you got – I dare you

Brian Dorn 15 January 2007

Masha, how's this for flattery... you have a VERY poetic name! Brian

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Geoff Warden 26 October 2006

what is this, a litle sass-a-class, a challenge of verse.......we shall talk..... Na just funnin, I love the spunk of this, shows your strength....

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binary language 18 October 2006

this should be a singles ad profile..if women and men described themselves this wonderfully we'd all be hitched! I find this more seductive and enticing than 'enjoys long walks on the beach and yodeling. hahah I doubt a wordsmith could top this..

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Original Unknown Girl 04 October 2006

Hey there Masha, thanks for your comments. You are right in no uncertain terms! I love this poem it's so perfectly put! Well Done.... I give it a 10/10! HG x

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Anna Russell 27 September 2006

Coruscating and melliflous? Oh not you as well! Hugely enjoyable poem, I love your simple (in a good way) style of writing and you wry humour. Hugs Anna xxx

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