Codename - Jackass Poem by Masha Danevasha

Codename - Jackass

Rating: 4.8

First poet in my bohemian menagerie
Diligent follower of the Tao of Steve
You offered me Hyperion, Smythewick and a good chase
And I was your escape from domestic boredom
But somehow it feels like I got shafted
You mused yourself to be Viscount
And named me your Marquise de Mateifeuelle
Be desireless, be excellent, be gone
Oh and thanks for all the fish


You're killing me! ---

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Nathan Strange 25 November 2006

well atleast you got fish out the relationship but I guess u had to buy the chips right?

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Original Unknown Girl 31 October 2006

Masha Danevasha! ! ! I sometimes wonder if you and I have been sleeping with the same guy! ! ! Very interesting......: -) xxx

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binary language 18 October 2006

gotta watch out for those artsy bohemian and thanks for the fish..I guess he was a hitchhikers guide fan.

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Anna Russell 27 September 2006

Those last two lines are amongst my favourite lines by anyone, ever. Hugs Anna xxx

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Jon Edward 26 September 2006

beautiful, like this guy and your description of him, never can go wrong if you get free fish. :)

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